Are NCERT solutions enough for exam preparation?

Are NCERT solutions enough for exam preparation?

NCERT Solutions for all classes and subjects are available online. Many students ask are NCERT Solutions enough to prepare for the exam. In this article, we will discuss the importance of NCERT solutions for exam preparation. Students can read here to know why NCERT solutions are good for exam preparation. 

NCERT books are considered to be the best source when preparing for the final exams and also for the competitive exams. Students should thoroughly read all the chapters from the NCERT books especially in higher classes. NCERT textbooks contain many important questions that not only are important for the board exams but also for competitive exam preparation.

NCERT books are given in very simple language for easy understanding of the important topics. Teachers also use NCERT books to set a questions paper so that every student can answer the questions in the paper. 

Features of NCERT Solutions

The features of NCERT solutions are:

  • The most important feature of NCERT solutions is that they are prepared using the best sources. They cover the most important topics from the exam’s point of view. CBSE prescribes NCERT books and therefore, textbooks are very important for the students. 
  • NCERT Solutions are prepared by subject scholars and all questions are designed in such a way that students can understand the correct meaning of the topic. However, NCERT can help students to understand their capabilities and problem-solving abilities. 
  • NCERT Solutions not only help with the board preparation but also help in preparing for the different competitive exams. The chapters given in the textbooks cover important topics and many important questions come from the NCERT that are given online. 
  • Another important feature is that NCERT Solutions give an excellent explanation of difficult topics. The solutions explained properly and in an easy manner so that students can understand the difficult topics easily. This makes it easy for the students to learn difficult topics without any hesitation. Important questions explained in the form of tables, charts, and flow diagrams that make it easy for the students to remember the concepts.
  • All solutions are written in the neat and clean language. Students can easily understand the concepts as the answers are given in a very simple format. They are given in perfect order for easy understanding. 

Tips to use NCERT Solutions effectively

Students can use NCERT Solutions to study for their exams. NCERT is easily available but students should know how to use them effectively to get the maximum benefit. A few tips are given here that can help students to make the best use of NCERT for their exams:

  • Students should make a plan and they should follow the study plan. They should include all subjects in their study plan. This will help students to focus on all the subjects and important topics. 
  • Students should avoid skipping any topics because NCERT cover all topics given in the NCERT books. The solutions are based on the latest prescribed syllabus for all classes and different subjects. Skipping any topic will reduce the chances of scoring high marks and students can also skip some important topics which may be important for the competitive exams. 
  • Students can use NCERT Solutions to clear their doubts. They can understand the difficult topics easily and clearly by using NCERT. They can easily develop the confidence of solving difficult questions by solving all NCERT Questions available online. 
  • The best way to use NCERT Solutions is to download the solutions from the internet. They can find the most reliable and educational website to download the solutions. They can save the solutions for the entire academic year for reference during exam preparation. 
  • Another important feature is that all solutions are available for free. Students can download the solutions on their computers and can use during the exams. It helps to save time. Students can practice more and more questions to score high marks. 

Reasons to use NCERT Solutions for exam preparation

There are many reasons for which students should use NCERT Solutions for exam preparation. A few reasons are given here:

The NCERT solutions available online as per the CBSE format. Students of all classes have to study from the NCERT books prescribed by the CBSE board. The board has notified that all questions will come from the NCERT textbook and any question will not be from out of the syllabus. Thus, the solutions will help students to follow the right track and score high marks in exams. 

The solutions prepared by the best scholars and the questions will help students to get a deeper understanding of each topic. All answers solved with proper diagrams and illustrations for a better understanding of the topic. Students can enhance their problem-solving skills by practicing from the solutions.

However, Students of all classes can find solutions for all subjects prepared by highly trained and experienced subject teachers. Also, students can excel in their exams by referring to the best study material available online in the form of important questions and NCERT on various websites on the internet. 

NCERT solutions set by keeping in mind the intelligence level of all students. The solutions consist of questions of all levels such as easy, moderate, and difficult levels. Thus, students of all abilities can practice these solutions to score high marks in their exams.


NCERT Solutions are the best study material for the students of all classes. Students of all classes can download NCERT Solutions from the internet on their computers. They can refer to the solutions in the future for exam preparation. The solutions give a detailed explanation of all the important topics for easy and quick understanding. The NCERT Solutions can prove to be the best guide for the students; as the solutions prepared by highly competitive and experienced subject teachers. Students can use the solutions for exam preparation and clearing their doubts. All questions solved in a simple and effective manner. Students can refer to the solutions anytime for scoring high marks. 

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