Biography of Miss Abbott and the doctor Andreas Marino

Biography of Miss Abbott and the doctor Andreas Marino

A Complete Biography of Miss Abbott and the doctor Andreas Marino. The Story of Doctor Andreas Marino and Miss Abbott was a Romance.


When the strange women, Miss Abbott arrives in the town of the doctor, he loves his quiet life, simple amusements and filled with work, and he decides that he does not like her at all. Unfortunately, has seemed to enjoy getting in trouble and an uncommon past, she was quirky and so funny. Welcome to a rom-com of sketchy Victorian.

Character in “Miss Abbott and the doctor”:

Miss Cati Abbott:

Miss Cati Abbott was adopted by a Native American tribe, as a child, and she grew up with them. At that time she also had a boyfriend Kuarahy, but when Ms Kira Aquila – Salazar, an anthropologist, offered to bring her back to the “proper world,” they were separated. Mentor her and Miss cati’s Abbott parents were lived. No doubt Miss cati is an interesting character in miss Abbott and the doctor.

Miss cati Abbott is a lovable and hilarious character. She has definitely a fantastical imagination and an outgoing personality. Currently she is married to Doctor Andreas Marino.

Contents about Miss Cati Abbott:

  1. Personality
  2. Physical appearance
  3. List of appearances
  4. History
  5. Navigation
  6. Relationships
  7. Family
  8. Friends
  9. Interest of love


Cati is spirit free than what others believe she should be, who would rather comfort herself. Lead to her being yelled or lectured at by Andreas, she gets herself in many dangerous situations because of this. Andreas into the conversation and in an embarrassing situation and Cati has a tendency to get her.

Physical appearance in “miss Abbott and the doctor”:

Cati is a young petite girl with brown eyes and red wavy hair. She is usually in comfy clothes that are easy to adventure in or dresses in a casual style. However, she will wear the fanciest or best clothing to impress Andreas when he is around.


Instead, they found an unforgiving wilderness, Cati’s parents travel in search of a place that they could live without any influence of technology and they left the society. Learning to speak English she was never given a proper education outside, Cati was born in Amazonia.

She learned their cultures after the death of his parents to an unknown illness; a native tribe took in Cati where she lived with them. Cati met Kira Aquila Salazar who integrated Cati into modern society and took her in when she was a teenager.


  • Father: during Cati’s childhood her father died in the Amazonia due to an unknown illness. Not much known about Cati’s father.
  • Mother: during Cati’s childhood she was died in the Amazonia due to an unknown illness. Not much known about Cati’s mother.
  • Grandfather – in – law:
  • Emilia Marino: Cati’s mother in law and Andrea’s mother.
  • Hector Marino: Cati’s father in law and Andrea’s father.


  • Rebeca prim: she is 7 years junior than Cati’s and much mature. Rebeca is Cati’s best friend.
  • Sebastian Nero: he is the friend of Cati’s, to embarrassing Andreas, Cati and Sebastian’s have a mutual enjoyment in publicly.

Love interest:

Andreas Marino is the husband of Cati. As he ended up betraying her identity to Janelle Pesqueza, Cati was not fond of Andreas when she first met him. Over time, was slow to admit that the stubborn doctor could ever harbour a feeling of friendship for her in miss Abbott and the doctor, and Cati started to become attracted to Andreas.

She felt like she really did not know the doctor enough to marry him, so she hesitated to accept the proposal of Andreas on the first date. But Cati realized that she really did love him and had no objection to marrying Andreas, after talking with Rebeca.

Doctor Andreas Marino:

In a small countryside town, Doctor Andreas Marino is a young doctor who took over his grandfather’s practice. He is the love interest of the protagonist and the series of deuterogamist, Miss cati Abbott.

Contents about Doctor Andreas Marino:

  1. Personality
  2. Physical appearance
  3. References
  4. List of appearances
  5. Navigation
  6. History
  7. Relationship
  8. Friends
  9. Family
  10. Love interest


To act always as a gentleman, Andreas is a proper and stern man who goes out of his way. That is Miss cati Abbott around until. Every time Andreas still find him in a state of panicked and cati does something dangerous always and his temper loses quickly with her. His “urges” around the cati leads to him eventually coming to terms with his love for her, which Andreas is unable to control.

Physical appearance:

Andreas has a lean physique and tall with a straight posture, and he has blue eyes and dark hair. He is nearly always seen with well-tended hair, a clean shave, and wearing a fancy suit. However, what he looks like, he lets his appearance go when the cat goes missing because he is focused on finding her.

Andreas grows a moustache (moustache Jeff le), during his 2-month stay with his parents, but daydreaming about Cati accidentally shaves half of it off while. When Cati startles him by bursting into the bathroom, later he tries cuts off again and growing moustache Jeff le back.

Relationship in “miss abbott and the doctor”:


Sebastian Nero: Andrea’s best friend is Sebastian Nero. He is totally opposite then Andreas, while Andreas is a serious person. Instead is Sebastian, when Cati is not making embarrassing and awkward for Andreas.

Family member of Andreans:

  • Grandfather:
  • Emilia Marino: Emilia Marino is the mother of Andreas.
  • Hector Marino: Hector Marino is the father of doctor Andreas.
  • Valentine Silva: Andreas older sister is valentine, and she is a six-year senior to Andreas.
  • Guillaume Silva: Andrea’s brother – in – law is Guillaume Silva.
  • Mateo Silva: Mateo is the son of Andrea’s sisters and his nephew, and one thing that Andreas usually trying to keep Mateo in line with his studies.
  • Niece:

Interests of love:

Miss Cati Abbott: Miss cati Abbott is the wife of doctor Andreas Marino. The attraction to her was nearly instantaneous, despite in the term of personality Cati being his complete opposite. Ultimately came to terms with how he felt for her, he tried finding some “plausible” ideas even he found some scientific excuse behind his feelings for her.  Cati hesitantly agreed to marry Andreas when he asked Cati on their first date about marriage.

Nicolette Chandon:

During college, Nicolette and Andreas are dated. Once Andreas and Nicolette thought that their relationship is perfect because they believe that the marriage never complaining, working hard and was giving up.

Eventually, Andreas realized that he broke the relationship off, and that was not the life that how he wanted to live. Nicolette has left the college to clear her head and she was initially upset, in the process of a successful career and she found a new passion.

Haylee Herrick:

Although Haylee and Andreas never feelings harboured for each other. Marino and Herrick’s families felt the pair would be good for each other, so they were briefly engaged (according to Haylee for not even five minutes). Haylee could not imagine spending her life with someone as unadventurous as Andreas Marino, so she quickly broke off the engagement. I hope you can enjoy the complete history of miss Abbott and the doctor.

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