Is Isaiah Stannard a girl? Isaiah Stannard Age, Gender, Family, Biography

Is Isaiah Stannard a girl? Isaiah Stannard Age, Gender, Family, Biography

Who is Isaiah Stannard? Isaiah Stannard is a Young Actor from New York City. He plays the Role of Sadie/Ben Marks in Good Girls.

Isaiah Stannard is an American famous actor. He plays many popular roles in many TV shows and programs. His famous play is Good Girls (2018). He is a transgender actor. He has controversy about his gender. Also, He has many followers on his Insta handle.

So let’s start with the complete biography of a famous TV celebrity in detail.

Who is Isaiah Stannard?

He is an American famous actor and popular model in the TV and modeling industry. His famous role in the crime show is Ben Marks. The famous crime show’s name was Good Girls. This show is aired in the year 2018. From this crime show, he becomes very popular from his character in this show.

The early life of Isaiah Stannard:

Isaiah’s hometown in New York, since he raised them under his parents’ supervision. He then completed his high school from there. Then he has done his professional performing Arts School degree from there. Then he made try to enter the acting field of industry.

Complete info Isaiah Stannard:

Isaiah is 16 years old boy who is very famous among all the states of the United States of America. He was born on 1st October 2004. So his current age is approximately is 20 years. His hometown is the New York City of America. He has the zodiac sign of Libra. His stage name is Izzy. He has a blonde hair color and he has Hazel green eyes. He is of white complexion.

Career life of Isaiah: 

He was involved in first acting high school where he learned many skills of acting and role-playing. Then he got first his project in the drama of Charlie and Chocolate, where he is performing the character of Charlie. After that, he got a role in the film industry. He played a movie. The movie’s name was Brad’s status. The movie was released in the year of 2017. Then his fame has been started from this movie. And he gets many fame and popularity. Then he soon starting acting in the American television industry series. Which is name was Good Girls (2018). This is a crime series.

Facts about Isaiah Stannard:

Isaiah plays the popular role of Ben in the crime series Good Girls. In this series, he plays the role of a boy who is born a girl but identifies herself as himself. He uses the phrase he or him instead of she and her. He finds himself as a transgender. This role of transgender became very popular among the audience.

Isaiah is very fond of having pet animals. He has a dog as a pet. He is playing with them and mostly spotted with the dog. Also, He mostly shoots many videos in his friend’s house with his dog.

He loves to dance and go cycling. However, He is also playing the guitar very well.

He loves to spend his leisure time with his family mom and dad. Also, He uses many social sites for posting videos and pictures. His Instagram handle is full of his pictures with his family and friends.

Family life of Isaiah:

Isaiah Stannard was born into the family of a white American family. His father’s name is Mr. Eric Stannard and his mother’s name is Kristin Johansen. His father is a senior editor in Springer, New York. His mother is a singer, dancer, and actor as well. Nowadays, his mother dating a professional Massage therapist and personal trainer. He has no siblings.

Net income of Isaiah:

According to the year 2020, his net worth is estimated and he makes $50,000. He is taking the salary around $50-$100 per hour rate. He has the main earning source of acting.

His famous shows:

Isaiah Stannard famous shows are:

 Good girls—Comedy crime series in the year 2018

Brad’s status—comedy, drama, and music-based telefilm in the year 2017.

Star Stuff—-it is a story of Carl Sagan in the year 2015.

Party dress— a drama in the year 2017

88th Annual Hollywood Christmas parade—it is a transmission which is broadcast in the year 2019.

 And 5 teenagers walk into a bar—it is a short type of series.

1. Good Girls (2018) —he has appeared in the episode of an atom bomb.

2. Good Girls (2018-2020) —- he has appeared in the episode of Au Jus.

3. Good Girls (2018-2021) —- he has appeared in the episode of Big Kahuna.

4. Good Girls (2018) — he has appeared in the episode of Borderline.

5. Good Girls (2018-2021) — Isaiah Stannard has appeared in the episode of Dave.

6. Good Girls (2018-2020) — he has appeared in the episode of Egg Roll.

7. Good Girls (2018) — he has appeared in the episode of everything must go.

8. Good Girls (2018-2021) — he has appeared in the episode of Fall Gay.

9. Good Girls (2018) — he has appeared in the episode of Find your Beach.

10. Good Girls (2018-2020) — he has appeared in the episode of Frere Jacques.

11. Good Girls (2018-2019) — he has appeared in the episode of Hunting Season.

After that, he is performing in many episodes as I’d rather be crafting, incentive, Jeff, King, Mo money mo problems, Nana, Not just cards, One last time, One night in Bangkok, Opportunity, Pilot, Remix, Shutdown, Special Sauce, Synergy, Take off your pants, taking care of business, The banker, The Dubby, The eye in the survivor, Thelma and Louise, This land is your land, Vegas, baby, You have reached the voicemail of Leslie Peterson. 

The last note on Isaiah Stannard: 

We take a deep look at the lifestyle of famous television actor Isaiah Stannard. He is 16 years old transgender. However, He is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. He weighs 53kg and 116lbs around. Also, He was born as a girl but found herself as a controversy in his own life. He is a very young, active, and energetic actor. However, He takes his salary amount per hour rate. He lives with his parents. Also, He takes many projects and plays vital roles in them. He becomes very popular with the TV show Good Girls. Currently, he is single and much focused on his career life. Isaiah Stannard is also shared many photos and videos on his social media accounts.

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