Log Horizon season 3 – Destruction of the Round table:

Log Horizon season 3 – Destruction of the Round table:

Log Horizon season 3 is an Animated Famous Series that is Based on Light Novel. Updates on Log Horizon season 3 characters and 12 Episodes.

Log horizon is an animated famous series that is based on a novel. The name of this novel is a light novel. The writer name of this novel is Mamare Touno. Also, This is the best-animated series on the screen. 

However, Its first season was produced by the stage light studios and this movie was directed by Shinji Ishihara. This animated movie is the composition of Toshizo Nemoto. Also, The designs of characters were created by Mariko Ito. However, He made all the characters by the real name of the characters which were being designed by Hara Kazuhiro. The art design was made by Yuki Nomura. Also, The sound is directed by Shoji Hata and the music or soundtrack was given by the Yasuharu Takanashi. The first season was aired on the date of 5th October 2013. 

The second season also contains 25 episodes. The name of its official title is Log Horizon. It’s was also released on the date of 4th of October 2014. This series was produced by the famous studio name Studio DEEN. After some time, the studio was replaced by the Sate light studio. The 2nd series was directed by and the storylines have remained the same. 

Introduction to Log Horizon season 3:

Log Horizon season 3

In addition, After giving the whole detail of the first and 2 series of this anime now I am giving you the details of Log Horizon 3. Also, The full name of the 3rd season is Destruction of the Round table. The date on which this 3rd series was announced on the 13th of January 2021. These 3rd series are contained 13 episodes. However, The 3rd season of Log Horizon 3 can be download from the website Crunchy roll. 

Log horizon first season’s episode name list:

The name of 25 episodes of the first season is mentioned here:

1: The apocalypse

2: The battle of Loka

3: The depths of palm

4: Escape

5: Return to Akihabara

6: Resolve 

7: Crescent moon

8: Villain in glasses

9: Round table conference 

10: Grab it in your hand

11: An invitation from east

12: The forest of lagranda 

13: Shield and freedom

14: Word fraction

15: Attack

16: The return of the goblin king

17: A lazy, cowardly princess

18: Expeditionary force

19: Chase that Back

20: Contract

21: The two of us shall watz

22: Swallow and young starling 

23: The sorcerer’s apprentice 

24: Chaos

25: The Libra festival

Log horizon second season’s name list:

Log Horizon season 3

The name of 25 episodes of the log horizon series are mentioned here:

1: Shiroe of the Northern lands

2: The outlaw and Mithril eyes

3: The abyssal shaft

4: Shattered wings 

5: Christmas Eve

6: A lost child at dawn 

7: The maidens of water maple

8: Akiba raid

9: The changing battlefield

10: Guild master

11: Retry

12: Kunie gold

13: 2.14 sweet Trap

14: Kanami, go East

15: Journey

16: Midday vampire

17: Odyssey knights

18: When the concert ends

19: Crimson night

20: Birthday song

21: The skylarks take flight

22: Stranger

23: Isaac and iselus

24: Sleep of the eternal moth

25: The pioneers

Log Horizon season 3| Destruction of the Round table:

Log Horizon season 3

This is a science fiction anime film, which has two series contains 25, 25 episodes on each series. This movie is also a Japanese movie which is released in 2021. This movie was broadcast on the media in 2020 but the pandemic situation delayed its released and broadcasting. Also, It has only 12 episodes which are the sequels of the second series of the log horizon.it has the opening theme of different by the band-maid and the ending theme designed by the blue horizon. 

So the lover of this anime get ready to read the summary of the 12th episodes of Log Horizon season 3 in this article:

Episode: 1 Rayneshiia’s marriage: 

In this episode, the round table was informed that fairy rings are useless and fruitless. However, This will becomes a big hindrance to create a way back and go in the real world. Shiroe can get the reports of many adventures journeys also in this episode.

Episode: 2 the duke of Akiba:

The duke of Akiba gives hope to her people to create a new beginning but the shiroe and his friend are very worrie to see all the situation in the land. 

Episode: 3 the round table fractures:

In this episode of Log Horizon season 3, Ein’s revealed his all motives and movements in the round table conference. Shiroe wants a general election in the land. And also Shiroe wants to the prevention of dissolved the round table conference.

Episode: 4 Akiba general election:

In this episode, the general election was held in the town. However, The general election represented the Ein and the round table represents the Reyneshia.

Episode: 5 Blessings:

Log Horizon season 3

Ein was making his final speech and the main gate reactivated and many of the native people are allowed to participating in the election.

Episode: 6 Immortal in Ethereal utopia:

In this episode,Misa and rieze held a puppet show in the town. By their puppet show, they revealed the Chinese server. 

Episode: 7 Not a curse:

In this episode of Log Horizon season 3, crusty will be rescued by the party of kanami. Moreover, Shiroe realizes the whole story of Geniuses originates.

Episode: 8 the oldest ancients:

In this episode, the shiroe suggests to the rayneshia to leave from his duties and must go and travel in the Chinese server.

Episode: 9 Adoration:

Shiroe and his friends give shelter to the mofur sister. The Chinese server will be rescued.

Episode: 10 Labyrinth in Akiba:

In this episode, the Ereinus has to power up all the teleports in the adventure of the Chinese server.

Episode: 11 Despair genius:

In this episode of Log Horizon season 3, Akatuski and the Minori have become fast friends with each other. 

Episode 12 of Log Horizon season 3 songs of the Nightingales”:

In this episode, the geniuses will discover his all weak points and he was also learned defeated skills. In the end, Minori revealed her feelings to the Shiroe. But shiroe tells her he likes to someone another.   

The last note on Log Horizon season 3:

The last note of my article is for my readers that you must watch all the episodes of Log Horizon season 3 anime movie. Also, The story was originally based on the novel. And the characters of this anime series are also very strong and having more power.

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