5 Luxurious Casinos Around the World

5 Luxurious Casinos Around the World

For a long time, gambling has been associated with Las Vegas by default. It is inevitable once we consider that this city of lights stands out in the Mojave desert surrounded by nothing comparable for miles. It has had some of the world’s most expensive Luxurious Casinos. Yet, the world of casinos is not limited to Vegas alone.

There are other casinos around the world. One may find it quite fascinating to play in the Luxury Casino as they wish to gamble because the luxurious experience in online gaming is a never-ending process. 

The Luxurious Casinos That are Famous Around the World

The following list includes some of the most eye-catching and noteworthy Luxurious Casinos that have been found:

Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino – Argentina

Park Hyatt Mendoza casino is situated in Mendoza, Argentina. All the games one could imagine in a casino can found there. But among all, perhaps its Punto Banca which Park Hyatt known for. And the locals consider it a favourite. Besides the game, the casino is also famous for its architecture. It has modelled inside a Spanish Colonial building from the old times.

Marina Bay Sands Casino – Singapore

Marina Bay Sands from Singapore is on its way to becoming the most recognized and iconic structure in the country. Its impressive design and costs for construction have contributed to it immensely. This casino contains about a number of 2,300 slots and table games, around 500.

Venetian Macao Resort Hotel and Casino – China

Macao is considered the Las Vegas for the entire continent of Asia. Considering its counterpart in Las Vegas, its structure is similar, but it also has a twist of culture, which makes it different. Besides the myriad variety of games that are available, the casino also has high-end shopping malls, restaurants, and also numerous boutiques of luxury that come as a part of the magnificence of this casino.

Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino – Balearic Islands, Spain

This Luxurious Casinos well renowned for the beaches it has and for holding parties that wild. It does not pay attention to the Old Town and the Marina. A romantic view well provided by the hotel for the tourists who tend to stay there. The Ibiza Gran Hotel known to hold tournaments called Texas Hold ’em, which is a source of great attraction for both professionals in poker and enthusiasts.

The Kurhaus of Baden – Baden Casino – Germany

It was constructed in 1820. Apart from being one of the casinos whose extravagance is at its height, it is also one of the oldest. If gambling opted for the level of luxury, there are rarely any casinos higher than this, primarily if one seeks a casino that is without the common flock of tourists. Also, the spa is an excellent addition for one wishing to relax, or one may explore the well-known black forest there.

Modern Casinos Are Not Simply Bound to Gambling

As one may see, the Luxurious Casinos mentioned above not known simply for their undeniable variety of games but also for their luxury and architectural beauty, not to mention the entertainment and excitement they provide.

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