Maceys Store – The Famous Shopping Centers of World

Maceys Store – The Famous Shopping Centers of World

What do you Know about Maceys? All Information about products, items, Contact Information, recipes, location, Unique and fantastic environment

What do you know about Maceys story?

It was about 1947, Walt Macey and Dale A. Jones started the new business, and the name was “Save-A-Nickel-Market” in Rose Park, Utah. 

The new style business:

They both started these types of humble beginnings. Macey’s grew from a small store or outlet into a multi-store chain by providing any kinds of personalized services and genuine old-fashioned friendliness and independence.

Fresh food and destination business:

Although, after they purchased by associated with fresh food stores in the year of 1999. Then he continued to be a destination business for thousands of Utah families looking for a great deal on groceries stores and along with a delicious soft-serve ice cream cone for their consumers and customers.

Kong kone and treat for ice cream:

However, and for those brave consumers and customers enough to try it, the now-famous Kong Kone is a soft-serve ice cream that reaches nearly about one foot tall. And this is one of the most talked-about treats for ice cream lovers everywhere in the world. 

Where are these ice-creams servings and locations?

This famous ice cream and cone now serve the communities and public with many big cities names of Providence, Ogden, West Jordan, Sandy, Murray, Holladay, Orem, Provo, Spanish Fork, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, Highland, Tooele, and Olympus Hills, Santaquin, and Taylorsville.

What do you know about Maceys team?


The team members are some of the member’s friendliest people, and any one of us will ever meet and are constantly striving to make sure all about our guests are finding what they need. 

The bakery cookie or smarties:

All members of this shopping mall or we can say that shopping outlet, then decided to go out of their way to make sure that even the youngest and future shoppers spoiled with delicious and yummy treats like a free bakery cookie or a package of smarties.

Many children and us enjoy these treats while cruising around in one of Macey’s fun kid carts in their designated shops and outlets.

The famous name Kong:

One of the most crucial team members who spend a lot of their spare time eating bananas and swinging in trees and its name is Kong. 

Mascot in 2012:

The Kong was introduced as the new mascot in 2012, replacing Maceys Moose, a very famous ice cream from years past.

 And this ice cream is now a big part of Macey’s team. All team members are always looking for ways to make the shopping experience heavy fun with things like samples for the children and adults.

Kids candy carnival:

The Kid’s candy carnival and tailgating events, to name a few, are starting from their famous stores and shopping centers.

Also, one of these events that people are waiting for all year long is the gigantic case lot sale, which makes them the place to buy this type of case.

 All of these factors and features are important for this carnival and celebration. And they have more ice-creams and chocolates that help this shopping center, and they provide a happy shopping experience to all their guests, both young and old ones.

Feel free to contact us information:

Our contact information mentioning here:

1: Maceys 8th North Orem

Our telephone number is: (801) 225-6002

2: Macey’s Draper

Our telephone number is: (801) 571-7199

3: Macey’s Granger

Our telephone number is: (801) 963-6870

4: Macey’s Highland

Our telephone number is: (801) 756-8383

5: Macey’s Holladay

Our telephone number is: (801) 278-5390

6: Macey’s Lehi

Our telephone number is: (801) 766-9455

7: Macey’s Murray

Our telephone number is: (801) 262-0177

8: Macey’s Ogden

Our telephone number is: (801) 392-1842

9: Maceys Olympus

Our telephone number is: (801) 272-2622

10: Macey’s Parley’s Way

Our telephone number is: (801) 487-1784

11: Macey’s Pleasant Grove

Our telephone number is: (801) 796-6601

12: Macey’s Providence

Our telephone number is: (435) 753-3301

13: Macey’s Provo

Our telephone number is: (801) 356-3216

14: Maceys Santaquin

Our telephone number is: (801) 925-4058

15: Macey’s Spanish Fork

Our telephone number is: (801) 798-9803

16: Macey’s Taylorsville

Our telephone number is: (801) 964-8424

17: Macey’s Tooele

Our telephone number is: (435) 843-8722

18: Macey’s West Jordan

Our telephone number is: (801) 984-8226

What do you know about Maceys corporate location?

We have some customer support, and this is mentioned here:

The telephone number is: 888-710-5106

Our e-mail address is:

ARO corporate

Attn: customer service

2255 East 2100 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84109

Our social media address is:

What do you know about media inquiries?

Our media represented is Miss Sarah Pettit

Please feel free to contact us:

Sarah Pettit, Retail PR, and Social Media Manager



What do you know about our shop and store products and items name?


Maceys shop and store products are mentioned here:

1: Meat

2: produce

3: bakery

4: deli

5: dairy

6: floral

7: weekly ad

8: digital coupons

9: five-alarm frenzy

10: perks

11: exclusive brands

12: request an ad

What do you know about our Privacy Policy for our consumers?

They are committing to protecting consumer privacy. This Privacy Policy explains our data processing practices and consumers’ options regarding all users’ and consumers’ data used. 

However, If any consumers have requests concerning any user’s personal information or any questions about any matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The practices and privacy policies:

So we should note all about our practices of this shop, its affiliates, and agents, concerning data collection and they, are using by with us.

And they are in connection with this website and all other websites of this store and shopping center. And these affiliates with many links to this policy are governing by this online privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) as amended from time to time, and not the privacy policy in effecting at the time the data was collected for their consumers. Please show some love by regularly reviewing our Privacy Policy.

Suppose any of the users have any objections to the Privacy Policy. In that case, any user and consumer should immediately discontinue any use of this kind of site, enabling all the products and services.

Maceys community involvement:

We have three key giving areas:

1: We have the facility of feeding the hungry.

2: Also, We have the facility of Encouraging healthy eating, activity & lifestyles

3: We have the facility of Education for children.

Our local grown products:

We have locally grown produce and our main proudly products

Also, We are so excited and happy to have all these kinds of opportunities and again to partner with local farmers. We are offering their deliciously sweet and fresh produce to all users and consumers. So we should visit us today for freshly picked products​

1: Corn

2: Radishes

3: Zucchini

4: Watermelon

5: Cantaloupe

6: Onions

7: Sweet Cherries

8: Apricots

9: Peaches

How do we begin Maceys store and shopping mall?


It was about 1947 when Walt Macey and his friend Dale A. Jones opened the “Save-A-Nickel Market” in their local market, Rose Park, Utah. 

When they acquired and started their local business as the name of associated food stores in 1999.

 And they both continue to be an ideal destination for thousands of Utah families looking for significant savings on groceries and stores.

Unique and fantastic environment:

The locally owned and operated this kind of business, then they both not only offer at low prices of their products, but they do it all in a unique and fantastic shopping environment.

Also, They are aiming to live up to our “Happy Shopping days and offers. And they create a tagline and family-friendly atmosphere in their stores.

However, They have new and vibrant bright colors of their products, and they started a fun ape mascot with the name of Kong, made of scratch-made signature doughnuts, kid carts, and large soft serve ice cream cones, Kong Kone.

We have great benefits at Maceys stores:

We have some information, and they have benefits that may exist for member-owned locations.

Also, We have some values and our team members, and we know that excellent benefits and packages help enhance personal, financial, and overall well-being.

 As when we regular and full-time or part-time team member with this stores and shopping centers, then we have possible some qualify young staff and members for the following benefits:

Our Insurance Plans:

1: We have Medical plans for our staff and team members.

2: We have Dental Plan for our staff and team members.

3: We have Vision Plan for our staff and team members.

4: We have Life Insurance for our staff and team members.

5: Also, We have Short and Long Term for our staff and team members.

6: We have Healthcare Savings Account for our staff and team members.

7: We have Flex Savings Account for our staff and team members.

8: We have Fitness Funds for our staff and team members.

9: Also, We have a 401K Retirement and Savings Plan with a company match for our staff and team members.

10: We have Paid Time Off for our staff and team members.

11: We have a Vacation for our staff and team members.

12: Also, We have Holiday Pay for our staff and team members.

13: We have Personal Days for our staff and team members.

14: We have Sick Leave for our staff and team members.

15: Also, We have Donated Sick Leave for our staff and team members.

16: We have Bereavement Leave for our staff and team members.

Our Team Rewards:

1: we have 5% off on all purchases for our staff and team members.

2: Also, we have 10% off on exclusive brands for our staff and team members.

3: we have a Bi-weekly Paycheck for our staff and team members.

Maceys Overtime facilities:

We have Shift and Sunday Premiums for our staff and team members.

Also, We have Scholarship Opportunities for our staff and team members.

We have Great opportunities for Growth and Advancement for our staff and team members.

What do you know about working experiences?

We have some critical working at the store, and this is not just a job. But it is an endless path for growth and advancement for our products and goods. 

We have some extra values extending service to our company which is why we were practicing and promoting from within.

 There are so many opportunities for growth and advancement at the stores level and the corporate office. However, The majority of our stores and team management and members have started baggers and cashiers and worked their way up to the management level in our business.

We have recipes for our stores:

1: Brown Sugar-Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole

2: Food Club®Apple Pie Bites

3: Maple Cinnamon Hot Cider

4: Traditional Roasted Turkey

5: Patriotic Cupcakes

The clear Gifs and (Web Beacons): 

We have many using of clear gifs on our sites and locations from Google Analytics, Double Click DART, and Quant cast, and also we have some other 3rd party vendors.

However, These all types of products enable us to gauge our services and marketing programs’ effectiveness and ad targeting programs.

Maceys Mobile Device Unique Identifier:

We connect to stores and shopping malls via a service provider company that uniquely identifies our mobile user device.

 We may receive this kind of identification and use it to offer extended services and functionality of this store. Also, We have a particular type of store service that may require collecting our user’s phone number.

 We may have some associates that phone number to all mobiles and mobile device has identification information. Although, we will not use that phone number or share all users’ numbers to use telemarketing and shopping centers.

We have some of our physical locations.

When any of our consumers and us download our mobile applications, they obtain our user consent to use this kind of information for pinpointing technology

We have such as GPS and cell tower information. And we may use and store this kind of information, which is in combination with other location-based information such as IP address, postal billing code, etc.

We also provide this kind of enhanced location-based service by our consumer’s carrier or registration location. We serve location-targeted advertising, search results, and other content for our consumers and users.

The final words:

Maceys is a new and new style name for shopping for our loved ones. We have so many products and items. And we are also having a solid history of our proudly products and goods.

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