Mobile Patrol Apps For Security Guards: Why Switching Is A Good Choice?

Mobile Patrol Apps For Security Guards: Why Switching Is A Good Choice?

Patrol apps are a boon that technology has given us in recent times. Mobile patrol apps available for security guards come with many benefits. For instance, they allow greater control over schedules and enable people to work remotely. Are you using a patrol app for your security guards? If not, you definitely should – to make your work easy. The advantages of using such apps are more than you could imagine. Before you proceed, here are some benefits that will surely compel you to switch to a mobile patrol app.

Various Uses:

A mobile patrol app is designed for multiple purposes. They enable the guard to contact authorities, check-in/out, immediately report activities, logging— phew! The list is endless. When using the mobile patrol app, the guards can also chat with each other or form a group chat enabling easy and effective communication. There are so many essential tools packed in this app by which the guards can cut down the number of devices they need. A security guard software called THERMS is a mobile patrol system designed for security guards that leads to increased efficiency and productivity. This app can provide access to scheduled information, check-in/out, chat with each other, swap shifts, location, contacts and much more. Switching to this wonderful app can bring you enormous benefits!

Easy Reporting And Tracking:

Tracking and reporting from one’s fingertips are the two most important benefits of a mobile-based security patrol app. This feature, in particular, can provide great value to the security company and the guards as well. However, You might be wondering how this tracking system works. Are you aware of the GPS system in the smartphone? Well, this tracking uses smartphone GPS technology to maintain a detailed report of guard movements and patrols. Also, The data can be readily available if needed for legal reasons. Its reporting feature enables the guards to go paperless, minimizing errors and saving much time.

Planning and Scheduling:

The patrol apps are designed to enable management and scheduling. Managers can ideally create specific jobs and schedules to assign them to guards. There is no scope of potential confusion, and it allows for speedy actions. What to do in case immediate changes are necessary? That can also be done for which the notification will be provided to the guards. Any specific instructions? Add a note, and your work is done! This feature helps improve service and reduce guard liability.

No Audio Cues Required:

Mobile patrol apps offer silent or vibration functions for a guard, allowing silent communication if necessary. For instance, if a security guard works at a venue where noise prohibited, any sound wouldn’t appreciated. Patrol apps can ease this for security guards. Without noise, communication can done; guards can send messages to other team members when needed.

Easy Communication For Clients:

Is the mobile patrol app limited to security guards? That is not the reality because some patrol apps also have client-friendly portals that allow guards to communicate with their clients quickly. Clients will also view logs, activity, and tracking of the guards, adding value to the security services and providing peace of mind to your clients.


The app assesses the guards’ log-in and log-out times. In some apps, this feature automated based on the geofencing system, making logging effortless. Also, It enables accuracy and saves time. Absolutely an effective way to create reports as well!

If you plan to make your work easy, a mobile patrol app rich with features is definitely a solution for you. It will make your guards more efficient, productive, and accountable. The installed apps can make life easier for both managers as well as security guards. So, are you now ready to switch to a mobile patrol app?

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