Morpeko Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, and Statistics

Morpeko Evolution, Weakness, Moveset, and Statistics

From the time of its introduction, Pokemon comes up with enormous features in every generation. There is no doubt in the fact that in every generation there is a new feature introduced which let players rely on it more. Right now, the Pokemon Morpeko evolution is in gossip, and people are quite satisfied with it as well. Here we will be going to share all the details related to Morpeko so that next time when you engage in this game, there will be no such question arise, and you can become a part of it effortlessly.

Who is Morpeko?

Morpeko is the electric dark type Pokemon that marks its introduction in generation 8. It is also referred to as the two-sided Pokemon. It has the feature of generating electricity constantly with all the sacs available in the cheek. 

Basically, the generation of electricity takes place by the consumption of energy because this makes Morpeko constantly hungry. When there is a constant hunger, it causes disturbance in the balance of hormones which as a result contribute to change in the body of Morpeko. As a result, the per color changes and triggers aggressive and volatile behavior.

It is important to figure out this because if the same has not been figured out, it may cause a lot of destruction. You can get complete details about Morpeko evolution from here.


Talking about the appearance, then it totally depends on full belly mod and Hangry mood. In full belly mode, it appears to be very cute, and in hangry mode, it is entirely different. This two-sided Pokemon shows different activities according to the type in.

But the hangry mode is the indication of the destruction that will be going to happen next. Until and unless he will not feel satisfied, things will not get back to normal, and chances of destruction will be increased by every second. Thus, it is important to pay attention to it and to get sure about all other relatable factors for it.

What about the evolution in Morpeko?

Understanding evolution in MORPEKO, it is quite interesting to note that it does not evolve at all. All the features are confined to the present evolution, and there will be no chance of any more evolution. There might be chances some revolution take place in the upcoming generation but still yet there is no as such detail available about it.

Talking about the entries related to Morpeko, then it depends on the mode. According to full belly mode and Hangry mode, the entries depend.

In the full belly mode:


Basically, when it eats all the seeds, these will get stored in the pocket like pouches, and as a result, it is not only satisfying the constant hunger, but electricity is also generated. It is acting in two ways for it.


Talking about the shield, electrically roasted seeds are there with it, and these act as precious Treasures. In short order, it gets hungry and no matter how much it eats.

In the Hangry Mode:-


in it, there is intense hunger which contributes to violence, and as a result, the cheek sacs got converted into dark type energy. There is a sudden change in the appearance, which sometimes Let The Other individual think about it twice.


the hormones related to hunger has an effect on the temperament, and until and unless it is not fulfilled, all the manner of Evil deeds will come in front. This act is one of the most destructive modes.

Statistics of Morpeko evolution:

Understanding the statistics related to Pokemon Morpeko then these are entirely different from the previous version. The HP is 48, and the attack capacity is 95. Talking about the defence power, it is 58, and the special attack capacity is 70.

Along with these, there is the speed inbuilt which equals 97, along with a special defence of 58. In total, the statistics contribute to 436 as base statistics which is entirely appreciable and sufficient for holding the good temperament throughout.

What are the different characters associated with Morpeko?

Talking about two different factors associated with Morpeko evolution, it is quite important to know that along with the two modes, the gameplay also has an effect. If it is in hangry mode, chances are there that the destruction will be to the extent which is incurable, and sometimes it becomes difficult to cope up with the ongoing scenario as well.

But it is important that this mode will not arise until and unless the basic necessities are available. In case the basic necessities are not there, it will contribute to the players, and they will not be able to utilize all other features integrated with them.

Along with it talking about the flat-belly Mode, this appears to be very happy go lucky who is having all the strength to cope up with the situation first of until and unless the needs are fulfilled he will not going to change from it and will treat each and every person around with the same seniority. Also, it is an additional feature with Morpeko that it can easily understand what is needed to do and, as per it, move ahead for better things.

Last Word on Pokemon Morpeko Evolution:

This is the major aspect related to Pokemon Morpeko evolution, and it is important for players to understand about leave; because, after the introduction of generation 8, things have been changed a lot. In generation 8, all these changes have taken place, which let individuals utilize it more.

With every innovation, players have a new hope that they might get something extra to understand; and with the Morpeko, the same has come true. And right now, they have the whole authority to utilize it to the extent they wanted. This is not only contributing to an exciting interface but also help them to understand the game more.

If you are a player of Morpeko, do let us know what you are expecting with Revolution related to it. And what your plans are to make the interface more exciting for you.

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