Morpeko Pokemon Stats, Moves, Evolution & Weakness

Morpeko Pokemon Stats, Moves, Evolution & Weakness

Morpeko is an Electric/Dark type Pokemon Introduced in 8th Generation. It Carries Electrically Roasted Seeds with it as If They are Precious Treasures.


Morpeko is the short heightened, chubby, and rodent kind of Pokémon. It is also known as two-sided Pokémon. The morpeko has two colors on each side. The main color of it is yellow. It has the ability of color changing. Also, It has a dual-type electric and dark Pokémon. It is introduced in generation 8.a and it is in the number 877. And it is electric generating pokemon.

The Morpeko can change its color with the help of the Hunger switchability. The hunger switch ability can change its appearance in the hour of need.

The Appearance of Morpeko:

The appearance of Pokémon is very attractive. It has two shorthands. One side is quite light brown and the other side is some type of grey. He has a very cute smile on his face each time. When he is in full belly mode he keeps a big smile on his face and when he is hungry then he becomes some kind of rude behavior and becomes purple. So here we are to discuss its cute appearance.

He has two short, stubby arms feet. However, He has a pair of pink round cheek pouches, a very tiny cute nose, and has two almond-shaped ears with a single fur tuft over each. Also, He has the primary body color is yellow but that primary color is separate from each side which has some fur covers that’s made him more cute and handsome. The yellow color separates the arms, ears, and cheeks and also separates his eyes.

The separation quite resembles the zigzag line. The zigzag line is inwards from his eyes to his body and looks beautiful. This zigzag line stops on its waistline. He has some fur patches which he is using for storing the berry seeds inside it. 

Happy mode of Morpeko:

The happy mode of Morpeko is very delightful for his viewers. When he has full in his belly with sweet berries then he has turned on the happy mode. In the happy mode, he has a cute smile on his face. The features of happy modes are mentioned in this column.

He has a creamy yellowish color, has circular-shaped eyes, and has black with white large pupils. On the left side, one side of fur is in black and another side of the fur color is brown on the right side of its body. He has a single bucktooth that can be seen which prominent in his smile mouth. 

Hungry mode of Morpeko:

The hungry mode of this type of Pokémon is the very worse king. He becomes looks like a devil in shape. He becomes dark purple in his body color and on the left and right side turns the black. His eyes are becoming downwards like slanting in red color and have the semi-circles. His mouth also turns the angry snarl. Both sides of fur are matches with both sides of its body. He looks like a devil in my point of view.

What he carries throughout the day:

He always carries delightful berries seed with him. Which will be electricity roasted with its in pockets. He treated the seeds very carefully. He thinks that the berries seeds are a big treasure for him and he never wants to lose him. And finally, he eats them as in snack time.

Although he eats a lot of berries he stills has the hunger to eat more than his hunger, he loves a lot the berry seeds. When he remains hungry for a long time then the hormones in his body may have also changed which becomes the reason for changing his body color, fur color, and behavior too.

When he becomes and remains hungry for a prolonged and he never finds some berry seed for as a snack time then he becomes very aggressive and has no control over his behavior and attitude. He becomes a devil and does all the devil deeds for others.

When his hunger has satisfied then he stopped eating berries and attacks the feeder one. The energy which is emitting on his cheeks becomes the electric emitting energy. Then this type of energy becomes the Dark-type energy. He is also known as the Pokémon which is famous for its Aura wheels. He has only one type of Aura wheels.

Morpeko in the early stage:

In the initial days of his life, he has a golden hamster that looks shaped and has some elements of a Guinea pig. As we all know that the morpeko looks like some type of Hamster. And those hamsters are known for biting and exhibiting violent territorial behaviors.

And then he increases the metabolism level of his body and becomes the dark–type Pokémon. He has a color scheme that looks like the many Guinea pigs.  The name Morpeko is driven by two Japanese words which are (morumotto) and (hera peko). The word (morumotto) means is guinea pig and the (hera peko) means is hungry and starving.

Bio of morpeko:

He has a height of 1’’. And he weighs 6.6 lbs. he has 50-50% of gender application. He has the two-sided category and he has the abilities of hunger switching.

Morpeko weakness:

He has weak points about Fairy, Bug, Fighting, and ground.

Unique qualities:

The morpeko is the only special species in Pikachu family history that has changed its color on its mode switches. And he has the ability of a unique type of color combination. He has only 8 inches tall in the Pikachu family. Also, He has only Pokémon in the Pikachu family, which has an electric type or dark type. He has temperamental hunger and he is even smaller than the Dendenne. Morpoke is based on the marsupial. He has lots of food in his hand. Although he has double nature in behavior.

The Last Note

Morpeko is very cute and tiny and chubby by bipedal rodent pokemon. The morpeko has a different color scheme in his body. The fur on his body is also in a different color. The main color of its body is yellowish. Morpeko has two mode switches, one is happy mode while the other is a hungry mode. Morpeko loves to eat berry sweet. 

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