Keys Features to Choosing the Right Motorcycle Gloves

Keys Features to Choosing the Right Motorcycle Gloves

What are the important key Features to choose the Best Motorcycle Gloves? Good Material, A Good Closure, Synonymous with Security, Comfortable

According to the latest measures announced by the UniqueLifeTips, everything seems to indicate that gloves will soon become mandatory to drive a motorcycle. And it is also understood that not just any glove will be valid, but they will have to be approved gloves for this purpose. Poe Leveling Gloves that offer sufficient protection so that, in the event of a fall, our hands are well protected. But … what do you have to take into account when choosing good gloves?

No, to circulate safely on a motorcycle, not just any glove will work. A wool glove is not worth, a bicycle glove is not worth, a ski glove is not worth … And it is that to each thing its own. Gloves are an element of protection on motorcycles, so they must offer specific characteristics. Another thing is that they also serve as a warm garment if it is cold; but that has nothing to do with the obligation that manages to impose.

Brief History of Motorcycle Gloves

In fact, motorcycle gloves have been mandatory for a long time. They are governed by the EN 13594 standard and in its 2015 version, there is an approval consisting of three levels of protection: Level 1, Level 1 KP and Level 2 KP, all of which are considered. We still don’t know what it will be like, but you will see that a motorcycle glove is approved when inside you find a label with the drawing of a motorcycle. That will already give you a clue that you are facing a motorcycle glove that meets certain protection requirements.

Since September 1, 1992, the helmet is mandatory for motorcyclists and today no one (or almost no one) wears it because it is mandatory, but because they know that it is essential for their safety. The idea is that the same thing happens with motorcycle gloves; although all “serious” motorcyclists use gloves in their day to day life, and are aware of their importance; there are many casuals who prefer to do without them. So to all those who are going to find it necessary to choose one for the first time poe unique sheilds… we welcome you to the exciting world of motorcycle gloves.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Glove what do I have to Lookfor?

Regardless of whether makes motorcycle gloves mandatory or not, everyone who gets on a motorcycle should know that after the helmet, gloves should never be missing from our equipment, whether we drive the motorcycle or if we are a passenger, then, in the event of a fall, the hands will be the first thing we will put on the ground. Luckily, when we go to a store specializing in equipment; the offer we can find is huge, and if it is a good store, it is most likely that all of them meet the safety standards we need.

But there are many types of motorcycle gloves, you already know that. So you have to know what we are looking for to choose the correct motorcycle gloves; the ones that best suit our needs with a good compromise between comfort and safety. Also, keep in mind that there are winter motorcycle gloves and summer motorcycle gloves; so we recommend having a pair of each type, you will appreciate it. Let’s see, then, what we have to look at to decide and make our choice right.

Material of Motorcycle Gloves always Take into Account

You will see that sports gloves are made of leather, and that has a simple explanation; leather offers high resistance to abrasion. But they can also be reinforced with Kevlar inserts or plastic reinforcements that act as a slide on the asphalt. But of course, textile gloves are always more comfortable and softer than leather ones; and also generally offer a better touch, but that entails a loss of security. That is why there are gloves that combine various materials, textile and elastic materials in the movement areas and leather and anti-abrasion material in the support and contact areas in the event of a fall.

In addition, there are gloves that incorporate thermal linings or waterproof membranes. Something essential if you are looking for a touring glove with which to travel comfortably; so that neither the cold nor the water pose a problem. They are usually gloves with a long cane, to be able to adjust them to the sleeve of the jacket; and thus avoid the entry of cold or water.

A Good Closure, Synonymous with Security

The fit should always be perfect, both for comfort and safety. A glove of a size larger than what you need will not be well attached to the hand; which can cause it to “come off” in case of a fall. To avoid this, the wrist closure must be adjustable. Materials such as velcro, help to ensure that the Motorcycle Gloves always stays in place without hurting us. The Seventy Degrees SD-C8 for men or the SD-C22 for women; not only have this type of adjustment but also offer PVC protections on the knuckles, fingers; and side of the palm and have been made with external seams to facilitate touch and comfort.

The Style is Marked by the Colors

Having gloves that, in addition to being safe, are beautiful; is also a point that you have probably already taken into account. Seventy Degrees models have a modern design with attractive lines, and also, thanks to the wide variety of colors available; they adapt perfectly to the style of your jacket or your helmet; since they combine aggressive options with other more sober ones. The base color of Motorcycle Gloves is always black, which makes the details in fluorine tones like yellow stand out, striking like red; more classic like gray or with more visibility like white. For them, pink is also included, in line with the exclusive collection for women.

If it Fits Well, Comfort Guaranteed

To achieve a perfect symbiosis with your Motorcycle Gloves, comfort is essential. You cannot be distracted by external elements that take your attention away from the road; and if you wear a garment that bothers you, you can lose concentration. Therefore, wearing gloves that are like a second skin, light, breathable and ventilated; will help you only worry about enjoying the road. Urban Motorcycle Gloves such as the SD-C16 for men or the SD-C26 for women are the perfect example; since thanks to their construction in elastic fabric, they adapt to any type of hand. The lycra between the fingers, its stitching with the pro-curve system or its neoprene reinforcements, guarantee maximum comfort.

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