Best Nightlife in New Orleans

Best Nightlife in New Orleans

Best Sunday Nightlife in New Orleans guide. All details about Music Club, Jazz Clubs, Frenchmen Street, Burlesque and Cabaret Clubs, Treme Hideaway etc…

Whether it’s Crescent City or NOLA or any other name, New Orleans is an incredible city widely known for its amazing live performances, cultural events, exceptional cuisine, and outstanding nightlife. This incredible town is a mix of different cultures with centuries of rich history tied to their earlier Spanish Colonists and French-Creole settlers. As the origin of Jazz, New Orleans is popular for its musical excellence going as far back hundreds of years.

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Sunday Nightlife in New Orleans

New Orleans is a lively city no matter the time of day, but it truly comes alive at night; after all, it is the birthplace of cocktails as well. And Sunday Night is truly one of its peaks, probably due to the fact that those are the last few hours of the weekend.

Here are some of the best places to spend your Sunday night in New Orleans.

The Metropolitan

This place always features an amazing lineup of performances; so it is definitely one of the choices if you are looking for an incredible night out in the city.

Treme Hideaway

If you are looking for a place with some sense of community, the Treme Hideaway is just the place for you. Also, Located at the heart of Treme, it offers some of the best local cuisines along with an amazing lineup of local artists and incredible cocktail drinks. This place is open throughout the weekend from Thursday to Sunday. It also offers free parking situated under the bridge on Claiborne Ave in Nightlife in New Orleans.

Bourbon Pub Parade

Dubbed the biggest gay bar in New Orleans, this bar is open to everyone regardless of their sexual orientation. It has been known as the nexus of the LGBTQ community in New Orleans. Located in the French Quarter, Sunday is truly one of its best nights; with its widely popular Sing-along Sundays comprising amazing music and comedy.

Ohm Lounge

This lounge is well known for its amazing service and presentation; so you can expect incredible service and quality if you are visiting. They are also well known for their amazing cuisine and margaritas. The Lounge is Asian Themed with influences taken from Japanese and Chinese.

One-Eyed Jacks

This is one of the best spots in the French Quarter for both locals and tourists. It offers entertainment in many forms ranging from dance-nights, Stand Up comedy, Burlesque shows, and many more.

Adult Theater New Orleans   

If you are interested in some Adult Theater during your stay in New Orleans; here are some of the best theatres for you.

  • Mr Binky’s
  • Dynamo
  • Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club New Orleans Strip Club
  • Romeo and Juliet’s
  • Hustler Hollywood

New Orleans Nightlife Guide   

New Orleans is a city steeped in culture, and its nightlife extends far beyond just beer programs. Here are some of the best nightlife spots in New Orleans.

Music Club

New Orleans has always had a rich musical history, and it has maintained a huge musical influence for centuries. Visit Nightclubs in the Mid-City, French Quarter, Uptown, and so on.

Jazz Clubs

New Orleans is widely known as the birthplace of Jazz; so it is no surprise it is still very popular in the city. You can hear everything from acid Jazz to traditional Jazz.

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street is often referred to as the life of the party town. It is kept alive with its 24 hours pulsing music with neon signs and bars decorated with beads. So, if you are looking to party in Crescent City, this is definitely one of your best choices. 

Frenchmen Street

No one can resist the pulsing and always lively Frenchmen Street with its consistent musical stretch of asphalt in New Orleans. Its street is always abuzz with a wide range of live performances ranging from Rock to blues to jazz to reggae.


If you are looking for some thrill, you can visit any one of Crescent City’s betting and gaming pubs.

Burlesque and Cabaret Clubs

New Orleans has recently experienced an awesome revival of old-school Burlesque; so if you are a fan of Jazz and dancing, you can visit one of its many Burlesque clubs. Can we expect to deliver all information about Nightlife in New Orleans?

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