10 Pros And Cons Of Communism By philosopher Karl Marx

10 Pros And Cons Of Communism By philosopher Karl Marx

Pros And Cons Of Communism. There is a Major Difference Between Communism, Capitalism, Socialism and Fascism. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Communism?

Defining communism takes a very short and simple introduction and it is an economic system where the group owns the factors of production. However, in every country the government renders the group.

Communism has all concept where it clearly defines production are labor, entrepreneurship, natural resources and capital goods. And also the government runs everything wonderfully and it has both pros and cons.

Pros And Cons Of Communism By philosopher Karl Marx

We all have heard name of great philosopher Karl Marx developed the theory of communism. He even stated that ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’. In short, the government has complete control over factories, farms, services and also is ready to serve everyone equally.

When Karl Marx had introduced this theory of communism, he had brought this concept for the most beneficial advantage to give its people and society. But with time, the real meaning really has got lost, it seems.

According to literature

Pros and Cons of Communism

Even in the literature the Pros And Cons Of Communism has given so much importance and it has even given so much of value. However, when Karl Marx had used this word communism; he used it along with one more word and that is socialism and it is interchangeably.

He has even written the Critique of the Gotha Programme (1875) and Marx had given two phases of communism; it has a different definition. They spilt it with that there would be a transitional system and there would be a working class and government will have complete control over it.

Then there would be fully realized communism and this would be a society without any class or government.  Then the production and distribution of goods were based on some principles and it was based on ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’. We have also heard name of Russian revolutionaries; Vladimir Ilich Lenin and he really followed this one and truly made a distinction. 

Communism in every country has its own rue but it is important to understand and it has ten characteristics

  • Destruction of property in land and there should be directly profit and convenience in all kinds of rents of land to public purposes.
  • There should be completely annihilation of all the right of inheritance
  • It should not mean any heavy tax o things like progressive or graduated income tax
  • There should be confiscation of the property of all the immigrants and rebels.
  • However, There should be proper way of taking care of all the industrial armies (especially for agriculture)
  • There should be proper encouragement in the progressive filed and it should to be burden with any progressive fields and on people.
  • The state must take care of communications and transportation, this is important Pros And Cons Of Communism.
  • Government should also take care of the wastelands and improve the soil and also encourage the state factories and instruments of the production.

There is a major difference between communism, capitalism, socialism and Fascism

Pros and Cons of Communism

Yes, communism is very close to socialism and it is even similar to that. They both are responsible for the productions and this is also so important that output must be kept split according to the requirement in communism. But communism is very different than capitalism and there private are the owners and every individual has its own control.

Every individual has its own factor of production and there are several of the countries who got transformed to fascism to remove communism. The sole purpose of communism is just for the people when Karl Marx had introduced it he had introduced it for better society and future for all. And eh thought of helping people with this and helping with the best but when he introduced this for the maximum of profit and good but with time meaning and definition of communism and Pros And Cons Of Communism has get change into the lives of people.

But time has changed a lot and so the meaning and definition too and today people consider things differently. Actually, if used and run it in the right way them communism can benefit people with lot and they will be in profit in a greater way. But this today is not benefiting people with much but communisms are different than capitalism and so close to socialism. On the other hand, fascism permits people with retaining factors of production and several of the countries who got turned.

Perks of communism

Thus, communism is considered as one of the best and best advantage and communism has got introduced to design economy in better way. It can also mobilize economic resources on the large scale, create industrial power and execute humongous projects.

There are various advantages of communism and the first one is giving maximum profit to capitalistic society. The income should be in the hand of everyone and it should be in constant motion of allowing people with maximum benefit. Income inequality should to be matter of dispute and matter of worry in the society so that society could understand in a better way.

What is Pros And Cons Of Communism all about?

Pros and Cons of Communism

In literature, communism has been defined beautifully, yes, even in literature there is a theory related to Karl Marx. It has told that it is so necessary that bringing equality in society is so important. But what is the major cause of such a big discrimination and it should be properly take care but the major reason is income.

That is why, it is so important people take care of such a small things and those who have known the word they know what is all about communism. Actually, this term has got introduce to create a better society and most convenient environment for the people so that there could not be any lines regarding money.

Money is one of the things that brings people a sense of distinction and it is one of those things which makes even people different from each other. People who needs this they know how a society needs this thing to be over. But with time things has just got doubled and the difference also remained in the same way. Those who know it they know this that it can only get over.

Pros And Cons Of Communism In literature

In literature, the word communism has got really defined even in easiest way but although it is a big word in the economy. And today both social and economy keeps importance; and they both have its own kind of space and place and they both mean a world for them. People need to bring change by it.

However, when Karl Marx has used and introduced this term; he has brought the easiest concept to heal people and society and establish a common rule for each and everyone; so that there would be not be any issue regarding money among people. But maybe society was not ready for it and they needed more of it; and they needed more of changes in the communism.

If you read communism, in the literature, this word has git defined; even many concepts afterwards came and those followed this. However, it could not get changed completely; but this has really big changes in list box to being into the lives of people.

Advantages of communism

However, it was for the people, it is for the people and it has big meaning into the lives of people; and people required it for a greater change. But today the faith of people on Pros And Cons Of Communism has faded and they do not trust it anymore because they find it; it is not longer any good reasons to carry with it.

They believe that today government is not able in serving them with the best and they cannot agree with it anymore. So this one advantages showed so many disadvantages to the people; they brought more of it and they brought more of changes into the lives of people. 

It has become a bane into the lives of people because toady when any changes come in the society in terms of economy; it disturbs people and it disturbs more and more. People really tolerate it and they struggle to make peace with it and this is how; it ruined lots of things.

Disadvantages of communism

It has lots of disadvantages to count and the biggest disadvantage of it is that it does not hold any better future for people; instead people are tolerating this and survive a lot. Just supposes any changes into the economy is not bringing happiness to the people; but it is bring more of worries and tension into their lives and making people even more worried; and think of nothing but about money.

This money has made lives of people full of worries and there are more of cons of it rather than pros. On the other hand, it also support things like black market consciously or unconsciously; and people even gets trapped into more and more.  Because now people do not even trust it that it could help people with ‘to each according to his needs’. This actually has got lost and people do not find it fitting the motto with which it had got started once in life. So anyways, it does not have any better conditions.

Pros And Cons Of Communism by Countries

Pros and Cons of Communism

So we have read about many counties and literature economical books on communism. But there are countries which are under influence of communism; and they have different reasons and china, Cuba, India, Vietnam, are one of them.

Vietnam –

Vietnam is also one of those countries which is under the influence of communism. It has got introduced in the 1945 by a communist leader Ho Chi Minh and it got declared on the day of independence. Since, then this country also falls under the list of communism.

It is also market based economical country and it is also full of good list. In 1954b when French and Vietnam split their ways the country has to face a lot; because people were surviving with this communism. Moreover, it was following the concept of market based communism.

Cuba –

We know this strictly follows these rules and it has lots of things into its hand. It is also one of those countries with official ruling party; and the Soviet Union even gave an economy support to the impoverished country. But Cuba had to suffer this communism when it had to go through cold war against the neighbor country. It took impact on the people but with time it developed its economical phase; but even today it is under the influence of economy.

The role of communism on the society is bigger than people thinks and realize; and it becomes so important that people believe in good things and good concept. So this was it all about communism and today people hardly trust on communism. They even do not have complete faith on it and they hardly think it could offer any stability regarding economy; and it could establish oneness among people. The dream of Karl Marx is only dream and they would remain under its influence.

Final Words on Pros And Cons Of Communism

Take any screen from History you will find out lost of stories regarding it. it is full  of stories; and many talk regarding bringing equality in the society. But even today world is tolerating and going through a lot and there is not equality among people.

Money is one of those things which have today become one of greater factor and treasure into the lives of people and even today they all are surviving with this. Those who have news regarding this communism they know that the USSR is running with several of other communist allies.

It even ushered into several of other countries like Mongolia; which is a neighbor country of India, Ethiopia, Somalia and south Yemen etc. So people have become materialistic and it is obviously not their fault this communism has not brought anything good but lost of disadvantages in it. People have lots of things to consider and today market has got compete depend on money and very policy is money based. If you have any question about Pros And Cons Of Communism then come in comment box.Thanks

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