Tips To Protect Your Electric Bike From Being Stolen

Tips To Protect Your Electric Bike From Being Stolen

It’s difficult for thieves to resist something that looks as wonderful as a brand-new electric bike, especially your adult electric bicycle. An e-bike typically has a higher price tag than a traditional bicycle, which increases the danger of theft. These are considerations you should make if you plan to use your electric bicycle in USA for errand running or outdoor exercise. In this article, we’ll go over five simple methods you can do to protect your electric bike from theft and save yourself the expensive replacement cost.

Parking Location

People often forget to secure their bikes when they leave them unattended in a no-parking zone. The bulk of bike theft happens when your bike is left unattended, even for a little period; so be careful to lock it up in a proper parking zone if you’re not going to be nearby. Ask the store owners or facility managers if they might keep your electric bikes indoors if you are on a routine or commute ride. Some businesses and shopping centers have installed dedicated bike lockers or storage spaces for adult electric bikes. They also offer a thorough charging station that is supervised by managers for a safer trend. Alternatively, leave your electric bike somewhere you can monitor it constantly; or park it somewhere with CCTV or other video surveillance equipment nearby.

GPS Tracking System

You may install a GPS tracking device on your adult electric bicycle; which is typically hidden in the battery, saddle, or light, so it won’t draw much attention. The majority of tracking devices allow users to download apps for real-time information; which significantly reduces theft and warns bikers if someone is moving their electric bikes. The phone will vibrate and activate an alarm as soon as the eBike is removed or stolen. Additionally, it works well for gaining information about where exactly your adult electric bikes are and retrieving your e-bike. Your electric bicycle in USA can be tracked at all times by transmitting a digital signal that you can track using a related app on your Smartphone.

Alter Your Routine

 Electric Bike

Avoid leaving your e-bikes in the same spot every day. Adult electric bikes make excellent commuting vehicles, therefore in the USA, they are frequently a part of daily life. Many people commute to work, school, and other destinations daily on an e-bike. However, if you leave your electric bicycle in the same spot every day; this provides savvy burglars the chance to examine your parking pattern and locking system to plan a precise attack.

These kinds of theft are challenging to prevent since the thief may take weeks or months to plan out their strategy; including setting up traps and researching the traffic patterns in the region and your particular lock. You need to make sure that your bicycle is protected and locked up while you’re away.

Use High-Security Locks

There is no indestructible lock. It won’t be long before a thief uses bolt cutters or an angle grinder to break your lock. Thieves must weigh the time and effort required to break a lock on their e-bike before deciding whether it is worthwhile to do so. Therefore, spending money on a high-quality lock could hamper criminals altogether or at least slow down their progress; changing their intended target to a less difficult one with lax protection. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure your lock is capable of serving as prevention. Consider locking your e-bike to a U-rack securely with a variety of locks so that you may lock both the front and back wheels. This will help prevent your adult electric bicycle from being stolen.

Bicycle Lock Alarms

Locks and alarms have the same purpose of discouraging burglars. To prevent someone from stealing your adult electric bikes; install an anti-theft alarm inside the battery enclosure or on other parts; and make sure it is audible enough to be heard.

There are numerous bike lock alarm solutions available on the market. Installing these alarms is simple. Most of them are waterproof as well. These alarms emit a loud sound that can linger anywhere from 30 seconds to a good minute when they are activated.

Over To You

Bicycle thieves typically patrol the streets at night when it is dark in search of unattended bikes. You can keep your new electric bicycle as safe as possible by following the preceding instructions. These pointers should assist in keeping your electric bicycle safe and the burglars at bay.

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