The highly-prized Jules Rimet Trophy

The highly-prized Jules Rimet Trophy

Probably one of the most famous trophies for any sport in the world is the one given to the winners of the amazing FIFA World Cup. The website 1xBet provides sports betting Zambia, which can be used for wagering on all editions of this tournament.

However, the current trophy has only been given from the 1974 edition and onwards. Prior to that tournament, those who won it were given the Jules Rimet Trophy. If you think you know who will lift the FIFA World Cup trophy you can visit 1xBet Zambia, which provides sports betting on the final of the tournament too. 

Different names

The trophy was designed and built for the 1930 FIFA World Cup celebrated in Uruguay. Originally it was called “Victory”, however, most people referred to it as the World Cup. It was renamed Jules Rimet Trophy during the year 1946. The namesake is a former FIFA president who was key in coming up with the concept and setting up the FIFA World Cups. If you are fond of competitions backed by FIFA you can visit – profitable live betting can be made on plenty of football matches.

There were many interesting stories that surrounded the trophy. For example, after Italy won the 1938 edition, Ottorino Barassi, who was the president of the Italian Football Federation, kept the trophy in a particular way. In order to prevent a possible theft or destruction of it during World War Two, he kept it under his bed. You can also visit 1xBet to make profitable live betting on the Italian national team too.

One of the most infamous chapters of the Jules Rimet Trophy was when it was robbed before the 1996 competition. Also in England, the FA secretly requested the creation of a replica of the trophy after their World Cup title. This was because there were security concerns that the original one could be stolen during exhibitions. FIFA had explicitly forbidden the FA from doing this, but did it anyway.

Teams that lifted the trophy

In total, five teams won the World Cups celebrated between 1930 and 1970. Before other editions of this tournament, you can go to 1xBet – secure online casino is available with great games. These squads that claimed the highly-prized trophy were:

  • Uruguay;
  • Italy;
  • West Germany;
  • Brazil
  • and England.

One of the last wishes of Jules Rimet prior to his death was that in case a team won the championship three times, they should permanently keep the trophy. Brazil fulfilled this requirement after winning the 1970 tournament. Before the Brazilians win another FIFA World Cup you can try the secure 1xBet online casino, which has hundreds of forms of entertainment. Sadly, the trophy was robbed in 1983. Its whereabouts are unknown. It is possible that it may have been melted down and sold for its raw materials.

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