Everything You Need to Know About SAFe® Scrum Master Course

Everything You Need to Know About SAFe® Scrum Master Course

What is SAFe® Scrum Master Course? What skills you may gain? Prerequisites, Course Overview, and Steps to get Safe Scrum Master Certification.

Are you willing to build Scrum Master Skills and deliver maximum business value at scale? Then enroll yourself into the SAFe® Scrum Master Course and learn the methods to execute program increment across the enterprise. Learn how you may become skilled in boosting corporate value with Agile frameworks through the effective execution of SAFe® Scrum Master during this course session.

SAFe® Scrum Master Course Overview:

SAFe® Scrum Master Course is a two-day learning session where you get to learn to be a Scrum Master so you can offer maximum value at scale. Also, You’ll learn how to design and execute the Program Increment (PI) process. In other words, The course provides a learning scope about the PI – key enabler for aligning the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) across all organizational levels through live and interactive training.

Furthermore, you can master the essential components of Agile at scale development and discover how Scrum is enabled throughout the organization. It also teaches you the method to establish high-performing Agile teams while becoming a good efficient servant leader and coach.

Other Course Features

Moreover, Learning from an accredited institution can offer you other facilities to enhance your learning process.

  • You get to attend a 16 hour live instructor-led online training
  • Obtain 16 SEUs and 16 PDUs by completing this course.
  • Get 1-year free SAFe Community Membership
  • Also, Earn a comprehensive exam support
  • A gateway to SA Community to practice the agile frameworks learned.

Why become SAFe® Scrum Master?

The Scaled Agile Framework® is a game-changer for corporate agile, with over 70% of organizations benefiting. However, to meet the rising demand for SAFe® certified practitioners, new attendees need to be educated with SAFe® methodologies. Due to this, SAFe Scrum Master has become the most promising career growth opportunity even beyond the tech industry. Companies like Cisco, Bosch, CapitalOne, PepsiCo, and many more are thus adopting practitioners who are SAFe® certified to aid agile transformation in the organization.

Both organizations and individuals do get a lot of benefits like:


  • Your agile transformation efforts will be aided by having a pool of SAFe certified personnel.
  • The SAFe Scrum Master guides the team members along the Agile Development Path while acting as a mentor & a facilitator.
  • The SAFe Scrum Master creates a culture that is beneficial to the Agile organization.


  • Assists you in maintaining a constant state of progress.
  • Aids in the facilitation of Scrum events between teams and the effective execution of iterations.
  • Also, Allows you to coach Agile teams to get the best possible business results.
  • Assist you in delivering excellent performance through sophisticated coaching approaches.
  • Aids you in recognizing and discussing environmental and anti-patterns.

Prerequisites for SAFe® Scrum Master Course

  • The course does not have any set preconditions.
  • Understanding of Agile ideas and principles, including Kanban, Scrum, and eXtreme Programming (XP), as well as practical knowledge of software and hardware development processes, is advantageous but not required.
  • Attending the test does require prior experience of working in a Lean-Agile setting.

What skills you may gain?

  • Ensure that Scrum is implemented.
  • Change management and facilitation
  • Conflict resolution
  • However, Kanban and Scrum are two tools that can be utilized to get things done faster.
  • Assisting with program execution
  • Agile teams must be trained
  • Getting rid of roadblocks
  • Agile team coaching
  • Providing high-performance capabilities

Steps to get SAFe® Scrum Master Certification

Unsure where to get started with the SAFe® Certification course? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Attend a Scaled Agile authorized training partner’s class.
  • Take the SAFe Scrum Master exam and score maximum marks.
  • Pass the exam and receive the certification with a digital badge.


However, the course does not require any specific requirements to get into the course. Also, Get yourself enrolled in the SAFe® Certification course and grow your enterprise-level Scrum Master skills.

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