Yanet Garcia Bio 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Fun Facts, Onlyfans & More

Yanet Garcia Bio 2022 – Career, Boyfriend, Fun Facts, Onlyfans & More

Yanet Garcia is a well-known television presenter in Mexico, as well as a model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and actor.


She was born in Monterrey, Mexico, on November 15, 1990. While some sources, such as IMDB, listed her birth date as November 14, she was born on November 15.

She is now 31 years old and has accomplished a great deal in her life. As a child, she attended a local school in Mexico. Later that year, in 2005, she enrolled at Mexico International and graduated in 2016 with a Diploma in Modelling, Virtual Environment, and Simulation.

Yanet Garcia’s Biography, Wikipedia 

Yanet Garcia was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She completed her school education at a Mexican school and further she studied there at the college level. Yanet Garcia had not yet shared her educational background and academic records with others. 

She had already started her career as a model at an early age. There is no information regarding Yanet Garcia’s family affairs and parents on social media sites. But surely, she was born into an influential family. Her nationality is Mexican.

Yanet Garcia’s Family 

Yanet has neither shared about her father nor mother working even on her official website. However, it is rumored that she has an excellent father and her mother is also beautiful. Moreover, Yanet also holds a dog named Bootsy. Bootsy is a toy poodle. Its hair color is white but it looks brown because of its thick fur. It has blue eyes and its coat seems shinny. 

Yanet has neither shared about her father nor mother working even on her official website. However, it is rumored that she has an excellent father and her mother is also beautiful. Moreover, Yanet also holds a dog named Bootsy. 

Yanet Garcia’s Relationship

Her relationship with faze censor. They met each other on YouTube and started dating. Sadly, their relationship ended after a year of their relationship. Although they aren’t together anymore. But Garcia says she wouldn’t mind dating him again if he wanted to start afresh with her. 

She said: I have good feelings for him. I would like to give it another chance. if there is no one else in his life because I think we could make it work. She also added that she will always be in love with him. So, there are high chances of them getting back together someday.

Yanet Garcia’s Nationality & Ethnicity

Yanet Garcia

Garcia belongs to white ethnicity and her birth sign is Libra. The net worth of Yanet Garcia has not been officially disclosed by her. But she is estimated to be in millions of dollars based on her popularity. Her nationality is Mexican and her ethnicity is Hispanic-American. She works as a Television presenter and actress from Mexico. 

Yanet Garcia is working as a TV personality as well as an actress. She also presents many shows including El Gordo y La Flaca. which means The Fat Guy and The Skinny Girl, aired on Televisa. 

Yanet Garcia’s Zodiac Sign

Yanet Garcia has a zodiac sign of Scorpio. The Zodiac Sign is an astrological element that represents a person’s personality. A Scorpio individual is mysterious and psychic. They have high respect for authority and they are known to be extremely rational. They are organized as well as strong-willed individuals. However, they can also be sensitive and emotional at times. But have learned how to balance both sides to create balance in their lives. 

This is especially true when it comes to relationships. Scorpios are deep thinkers who don’t let anyone get close enough to affect them deeply. Their main focus is on self-improvement and taking charge of situations. Getting work done efficiently and skillfully without any hesitation whatsoever.

Yanet Garcia’s Education

Yanet Garcia has attended high school in a local high school in South Florida. Since she was also a student in her high school until 2012. Yanet was able to make her friends and get along with some of her classmates. But since then, Yanet has been transferred to another city which is LA. 

Being an LA native and having gone to a local high school in Florida isn’t surprising in Florida. Seems like one of those states that are mostly populated by people who were born and raised there. It would be pretty crazy. if someone who came from another country made it big there without any other connections aside from his or her talent. 

Yanet Garcia’s Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Yanet Garcia stands at five feet six inches above the ground, approximately 1.68 and 168 millimeters. Although she is a tall girl, several other women in the world are taller than her. Out of all her fans, people have asked whether Yanet is taller or shorter than Ivanka Trump. Also, if she could beat Serena Williams in a height contest. 

 Yanet Garcia’s other Physical Traits include her amazing hair color. which is brunette and her eye color is light brown. Her breast size measures around 34 inches (86 cm) in circumference. Also, she has got a slim waistline measuring 35 inches (89 cm). Yanet weighs 55 kilograms which equal 121 lbs. She has got feet that are 10 centimeters in length and wears 8 US shoe sizes.

Yanet Garcia Hobbies

Yanet Garcia
  • Yanet Garcia is a very talented and beautiful girl who loves many sports. 
  • She likes cycling, boxing, playing volleyball, sports activities, playing football, and much more. 
  • This woman knows how to keep her body fit by doing exercises every day. 
  • But she does not pay too much attention to her diet.
  • Because she says that she eats whatever she wants because her body can get rid of everything. 
  • Also, she likes reading books about psychology and philosophy when she has free time. 
  • And if you want to know what else makes her happy you should follow her on Instagram. 
  • Where she posts lots of photos with famous people in Hollywood like Chris Pratt or Vin Diesel among others. 
  • It seems that they are friends now but before they were just colleagues from one project or another. 

Yanet Garcia Favorite Things

  • Garcia’s Favorite Things to do include go-karting and dancing with her favorite D.J. Alan Garcia. 
  • In her free time, she likes to travel by car with a good friend. 
  • Sometimes they drive all night long without sleeping. 
  • She loves having deep conversations about life and spends most of her time playing video games. 
  • Or binge-watching Netflix on a big screen TV with others close to her heart.

Yanet Garcia’s Career, TV Shows 

Yanet began her career as a model, appearing in the Nuevo Leon heat in a national modeling contest. She attracted a lot of attention throughout this presentation due to her stunning appearance.

In 2019, she made her television debut as Chara in Sharknado: Global Swarming. She was also seen in the popular 2019 film Belleznismo.

Additionally, she works as a fitness coach with the Fit plan Application. where she instructs users and makes a substantial amount of money. 

Yanet has also enrolled on social media sites such as TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. She made her YouTube debut in 2016 and continues to upload her enthralling stuff on her renowned channel. The details of her work do not stop here. she also operates a modeling school where she educates girls about modeling and encourages them to seek careers in the industry.

Yanet Garcia’s Profession

Yanet Garcia

Yanet has ventured into acting in addition to anchoring weather forecasts and juggling modeling gigs. In 2017, she appeared in the film ‘Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. Yanet also has an entrepreneurial streak. She owns and operates her modeling agency, ‘Yanet Garcia Models. When she was 20, she founded the modeling school to provide a platform for women like herself who aim to make it big in the profession. 

Many models at the school benefited from her ties in the media and television industries. In 2016, she also launched her bathing suit brand. Her entrepreneurial energy, paired with her attractive appearance, earned her the title of social media influencer. She attributes her achievement to her perseverance and can-do attitude. 

Yanet presently has over 500,000 followers on her YouTube account. She constantly updates her channel with vacation vlogs, personal videos, and fitness routines. Yanet has also cooperated with and starred on her ex-boyfriend Douglas Censor Martin’s YouTube channel. ‘

Yanet Garcia in Mexico’ and ‘Yanet Garcia RUNWAY YANET GARCIA COLLECTION’ are two of her most popular videos. She has almost 745k followers on Twitter. 

Throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup, she was active on social media, showing her support for the Mexican squad. Currently, she splits her time between Mexico City and New York City. She aspires to make it big as an actress in Hollywood in the future.

Yanet Garcia’s OnlyFans

Beauty By Yanet Garcia is an adult website managed by an ex-employee. Yanet’s site has a monthly subscription fee of $24.99 for access to exclusive photos and videos. In addition to her OnlyFans memberships. she also gets paid for various social media endorsements such as Instagram posts and Twitter Tweets that she creates. 

Yanet Garcia Controversy

  • Yanet Garcia became an international celebrity after being labeled the world’s hottest climate girl.
  • The Weather Girl’s recent tweet left nothing to the imagination as she flaunted her amazing body in a translucent gown.
  • Garcia conceals her face behind her gorgeous locks and flaunts her black underwear by twisting her body left to right.
  • Her fans are well aware that the Instagram celebrity enjoys heading to the gym in her small thong and flaunting her toned buttocks.

Yanet Garcia famous for

  • As the popular weather forecast gals, they are well-known.
  • For her stunning voluptuous physique in revealing clothing on the news.
  • Due to his appearances in the television film Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017) and the news television program Access Hollywood (2015).

Yanet Garcia’s Net Worth

Yanet Garcia

As of 2017, Yanet Garcia has an estimated net worth of $6 million. Yanet Garcia is a Mexican Instagram model who became popular for her social media account. Her social media account is mostly on Instagram. where she had more than 15 million followers.  

Fun Facts About Yanet Garcia

  • Yanet Garcia was featured on the cover of the prestigious Maxim magazine in 2018. (Mexico).
  • She is a generous soul.
  • Indeed, she founded Yanet Garcia Models in her hometown of Monterrey.
  • Yanet Garcia has lately become one of the most seductive weather forecasters in the world.
  • She featured opposite Yolanda Andrade and Montserrat Oliver in Ink Entourage.
  • In 2019, she started dating Lewis Howes, a billionaire entrepreneur.
  • In 2013, she auditioned for Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon.
  • Garcia enjoys watching movies, socializing with friends and family, working out at the gym, and reading.
  • Yanet has a warm place in her heart for dogs and is a true dog lover (especially Pomeranians).
  • She is now working in Mexico City for the Mexican television program ‘Hoy.’
  • She believes in the adage, ‘Once you believe in yourself, it’s irrelevant what other people say.’

Frequently Asked Questions About Yanet Garcia

Q.1 What is Yanet Garcia’s given name?

Ans. She is a well-known Mexican celebrity and adult star.

Q.2 What is Yanet Garcia’s height?

Ans. She stands at a height of 5 Feet 6 Inches.

Q.3 What is Yanet Garcia’s age?

Ans. As of 201, she is 31 years old.

Q.4 What is Yanet Garcia’s date of birth?

Ans. She was born on November 15th, 1990.

Q.5 What is Yanet Garcia’s net worth?

Ans. Her net worth is estimated to be between $3 million and USD 5 million (approx.)

Q.6 What is Yanet Garcia’s zodiac sign?

Ans. Scorpio is her zodiac sign.


Yanet Garcia is a well-known television presenter in Mexico, as well as a model, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and actor. Garcia has worked as a professional model since she was 15, but she rose to prominence as a weather reporter on Televisa Monterrey’s Las Noticias. 

These weather predictions quickly established a YouTube channel. She quickly became one of Mexico’s most-followed celebrities. 

She also has a YouTube account where she broadcasts vlogs about her daily life and workout regimens. Apart from that, she operates the ‘Yanet Garcia Models modeling school and just launched a bathing suit brand. 

She has over 15 million Instagram followers and 700,000 YouTube subscribers. She now splits her time between New York and Mexico to concentrate on her work. Ink Entourage and Pepe Rincon represent her.

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