Spain non lucrative visa income requirements

Spain non lucrative visa income requirements

With the right funds, Spain non lucrative visa income requirements will allow you to live and work in the country. Since the NLV does not require an initial financial commitment from its applicants, it is the most convenient option for those who are financially secure and wish to settle in Spain.

However, if your visa isn’t lucrative, you won’t be able to work, either for an employer or on your own.

Due to its popularity among retirees, the Spanish non-lucrative visa is also known as a retirement visa.

Costs for a Spanish Tourist Visa

You must demonstrate financial stability to apply for a tourist visa to Spain. To qualify for residency in 2022, you will need a monthly income of €2,316.08 or an annual income of €27,792.96. Each additional family member costs €6,948.24, so plan accordingly.

To stay in Spain on a tourist visa, you must meet the “Indicador Pblico de Renta de Efectos Multiples” (IPREM) requirements set by the Spanish government.

Retirees in Spain can apply for a non-work visa.

Retirees who wish to visit Spain can easily qualify for a Spanish non-lucrative visa by demonstrating sufficient funds for their stay in the country. There must be more than 27,792.96 Euros in a bank account for a retiree, plus an additional 6,948.24 Euros per month for each family member.

You can’t work in Spain with a non-lucrative visa, but as a retiree, that’s probably not a problem. An individual who is retired and holds a Spanish non-lucrative visa can stay in the country for up to two years. Once you’ve established your ability to support yourself financially, you’ll be able to bring your immediate family members with you.

Remote workers in Spain cannot obtain a visa that allows them to earn a living wage.

Some people aren’t sure if working remotely in Spain is possible (i.e., from Spain but for a foreign employer). Some Spanish embassies have been turning down visa applications from people who say they want to work remotely from Spain. Consequently, while it is true that you cannot legally work in Spain with an NLV, the rules surrounding this issue are ambiguous at best.

Procedures for Obtaining a Visa to Visit Spain for Pleasure Only

An application for a tourist visa to Spain must be submitted at a Spanish embassy at least five weeks before the intended date of travel. In Spain, NLV applications are not accepted. 

Make a scheduled visit to the Spanish consulate or embassy in your area. A complete directory of all Spanish diplomatic missions and consulates worldwide is available here.

Assemble the necessary paperwork now. Your appointment with the consular officer is where you’ll present the documents in order to receive your visa.

Bring in your biometric information, such as fingerprints and a photo of your face. You’ll need to bring your fingerprints and other biometric information with you on the day of your appointment.

Whom this visa is most suitable for:

  • Seniors are planning to relocate to Spain in retirement.
  • Anyone who receives a retirement, annuity, or endowment payment.
  • Those who are financially secure and have substantial savings.
  • Those who profit from investments.

Spain Visa requirements that aren’t profitable

  • The application process has four necessary steps. In other words, you’ll have to prove that you:
  • Be able to provide for yourself and any dependents you may have without needing to work.
  • Feel fine physically and mentally.
  • Have no record of serious criminal activity on file with the police.

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