Are Tech Stocks a Wise Investment for 2022?

Are Tech Stocks a Wise Investment for 2022?

How The Tech Industry Has Been Performing? What Does The Future Hold For The Tech Stocks Industry? What are changes made in the Tech sectors? Short-term investment can work, but you need to make sure that you get the timing right – many investors over recent months have opted for putting their money into long-term investment options and buying stocks in older companies. Meanwhile, start-up tech companies are fast growing stocks that carry higher risks compared to decade-old companies.


Although no one can say for certain what any industry is going to do over the course of the next year, if you’re someone that is looking to invest in stocks then it is wise to do a little research. Any financial investment of this type is always going to be a risk, but researching and ensuring that you’re making a sensible decision before you put your money into stocks can help to minimize risk as much as possible. The last 2 years have seen some massive changes within the tech sector so you may well be wondering whether an investment in tech’s most recommended stocks and shares is a wise idea.

How The Tech Industry Has Been Performing?

There is no denying that 2021 was a good year for the tech sector; largely thanks to the fact that 2020 saw some massive leaps in technology and innovation within this sector. We know that large chunks of the world were put into various degrees of restricted movement throughout 2020; which meant that people turned more to e-commerce and the internet for the things that they needed. This shift in the way many people sought information and services was the perfect launch platform for technology-based companies to showcase what they could do and get the attention of a much larger potential customer base – and that is something that they did well. The online casino industry is one that thrived throughout the later part of 2020; with some online gambling platforms reporting record results.

The Tech Sector in 2021

With such an impressive launchpad into 2021, the tech sector, in general; did everything it can to keep up this momentum and in many cases was pretty successful in making this happen. Technology continued to progress and things like Metaverse became a much more mainstream way for people to use social media and many brands got on board with this too. Online entertainment and e-commerce have been growing sectors for a large number of years; and with people driven to use online services even more this has only continued to grow.

A big part of the tech sector doing well throughout 2021; and the years before this was the ease of use for consumers. Many people recognize that accessing services online is all about convenience; so it’s important to make a website as easy to follow and user-friendly as possible. The integration of PayPal onto many platforms has helped with this – for example; over recent years the online betting industry has embraced the payment provider to give their customers an easy way to fund their account and withdraw any winnings. There are now a number of casinos accepting PayPal as seen on this list from TopRatedCasinos.

You might assume that this meant that PayPal did well last year, but actually; towards the end of 2021, the value of their stocks dipped to the lowest it had been in over 52 weeks. There are different theories as to why this happened; but the opening up of land-based facilities and the effect that this may have on online sectors is definitely a factor. PayPal gave a revenue forecast in the autumn of 2021; which shows that they may have lower revenue in the future; this caused the plunge in stock value. However, a large part of this would have been due to the increase in revenue that 2020 saw PayPal experience. The start of 2022 has already seen PayPal start to recover and financial experts are largely unworried about their investments in the company.

Investing in Tech Stock

If you are considering investing in tech stock then doing some research first is highly recommended. Tech stocks are generally considered to be one of two types:

  • Older companies that have mature technology that generate a steady return and growth
  • New companies that are more forward-thinking and might have quick periods of growth

There are no right or wrongs when it comes to deciding which type of tech stock you wish to invest in. A big part of the decision into what type of stock you want to invest in will depend on whether you’re looking for a short or long-term investment. Short-term investment can work, but you need to make sure that you get the timing right – many investors over recent months have opted for putting their money into long-term investment options and buying stocks in older companies.

What Does The Future Hold For The Tech Industry?

Although no one can accurately predict what will happen in the future within any industry it is a fair bet that the tech industry, in general, will continue to grow. Over recent years we have become much more reliant on technology in our day-to-day lives; the technology industry is great at latching onto this and adapting even more technology to suit.

As we become more reliant on things like smartphones, smart home devices and other pieces of technology; the technology industry will continue to expand and grow. One thing that is likely to help the tech sector to grow is the rising popularity of home automation services. People like being able to automate many parts within their home in order to make life easier; and this trend is predicted to continue to rise in popularity.

The use of online platforms is also something that is likely to continue to be popular too. PayPal might have seen a dip towards the end of last year; but as a payment platform, they are still in a really strong position. Last year they expanded into offering Cryptocurrency trading within the US and the UK; and more options for bill payments within the US. They also bought a Japanese buy now pay later company Paidy; which is another string to their bow and another part of the company that will help the company to continue to expand.


In general, the Tech Stocks industry is thriving and probably will continue to do so; however as for whether you should invest in stock this year that is a personal decision that you should make only after extensive research.