Who is Tooka? Chicago gang member death – King Von lyrics inspiration

Who is Tooka? Chicago gang member death – King Von lyrics inspiration

Shondale Gregory(Tooka) was a well-known and affiliate gangster of Chicago, and he was also known as Gangster Disciples (GD). 

Introduction of Tooka:

Took is the street name, and we can say that tooka was his gang or street crime name. But his real name is Shondale Gregory, and he is better known by his street name everywhere and on social media. But Tooka was a 15-year-old black boy, and he was from Chicago.

Shondale Gregory was a well-known and affiliate gangster of Chicago, and he was also known as Gangster Disciples (GD). 

He has been shot and targeted to think have been in retaliation for the death of another gang member which is also a 17-year-old boy, and his name is Eddrick Walker, aka Ty.

And he was an important part of the Black Disciples (BD), and he was thought to have been killed by GD members of Chicago gang members.

What about Tooka death and retribution?

According to the retribution and Tooka’s death, the GD killed another BD gang member, and his age is about 20-year-old, and his name is Odee Perry.

According to the famous Daily Mail website, one of his closest friends has the name of Gakirah Barnes.

And he may have been responsible for the killing of young gangsters. And the mail called her out “one of the most notorious female gang members in United States of America history.”

Suddenly then Barnes was murdered in the year 2014 when she was at the age of 17.

And she supposed to retaliation and reason for Odee Perry’s slaying.

On 12 January 2012:

In 2012, he was waiting at a bus stop on a road bank when a fast car pulled up in front of him. Then a passenger got out of the car and rushed to his nearby hospital. When he reached the hospital, at the same time, he was in a very necessary condition and exchanging a few words, and then he shot that teen multiple times. Then the doctors claimed and pronounced him dead at the scene.

What is the main reason King Von hates Tooka?

King Von is a famous and popular rapper from O Block, in the south side of Chicago. And he has the name of after Odee Perry by his fellow gang members.

King Von is the grandson of BD founder, and his name was David Barksdale, and he is known as King Dave.

The smoking Tooka:

According to the part of famous rivalry gang and also known as between Chicago gangs.

The group members and gang members taunt each other via songs or social media, and King Von has mentioned “smoking tooka” many times.

The Urban Dictionary:

According to Urban Dictionary and definition “smoking tooka,” this is not a word used to describe a full potent of marijuana. 

And he is also famous for originating after Shondale ‘Tooka’ Gregory, and he was murder (smoked) by Chief Keef’s crew, Black Disciples (BD).

 And after that, ‘smoking tooka’ is used to humiliate Shon dale’s death on every media and platform.”

As we all know, he became very notorious after his demise, but he was humiliating in his every song.

King Von raps that line that is “Tooka in my lung, I say that every time because he got smoked and smoked. 

(He got smoked). His songs lines.

This line becomes the best reason for insulting Tooka. And after his death, he is now back in every news, causing the online community to speculate about him and why King Von seems to hate him so much?

After his death’s eight years:

He always remains alive after his demise, and even after his death eight years later; he is in every new and trending social media. 

In a video on Instagram, a user was seen relying on him at 1:29 and saying bad words about him. And he is replying that we took his life”. The video was originally posted on Instagram, and then this video reached over 8,000 views on a live feed of Instagram. It is one of the reasons why the teen’s name is now trending online on every social media platform. Even more than eight years after his demise.

The notorious gang group:

He is one of the notorious gang members of that gang group. And he has been brutally murdered publically and then also mocked online in every social media account. 

However, he is one of the few gang members whose name has become very familiar and known worldwide.

Tooka early years:

He was born on August 10, 1995. During his high school years, it is rumored that he beat up Chief Keef

But when this news is going in the air, his older brother C-Ball murdered Eddrick “Ty” Walker (TYMB) in 2009.

 He mocked about his death on social media account on  


He has so much inspired by C-Ball, and that is the big reason to become a shooter who shoots at TYMB members. And this is all about his bullshit.

His sad death:

This was a bright day, and this was talking about on January 12, 2011; when he was at the bus stop on a busy road, and he was waiting to return home when he was suddenly hit by a speedy car. And he pulls upon him. That car also pulls with TYMB Cortize and TYMB and Manny members in that car. 

Leaving him to death:

This was a pre-plan murder, and in that car; Cortize asks Tooka about the next bus station and when the next bus stop will be arriving. He looks at his watch until Cortize (or Manny) shoots on him and leaving him dead.

His death became a retaliation for Ty. And he was only 15 years old when he was killed brutally.

What do you know about Gun violence and social media violence?

The United States of America is leading the world in gun violence against children. It is about 1,300 minors who are die in shootings each year, and another 5,800 are injured in gang firing incidents.

According to the researchers, it is about say that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention2; and all about to Gun-related injuries, that are the third leading cause of death of children whose ages are about to 17 and younger about 17. And the death rate for African and American children globally is about ten times higher than for white and Asian American children in the world.

The deadly force in Chicago:

It has become an acute problem in Chicago, United States of America; and Patton says that street gangs have splintered into small gangs and groups. It becomes unruly crews with younger members who often settle minor disputes themselves and the disputes such as insulting on social media, etc.

The final words:

Tooka was a 15-years old boy and he murdered by a gang in Chicago. And he was also a member of a criminal gang. He becomes so much famous due to her criminal gang and also his demise. 

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