Waifummia Biography 2022 – Boyfriend, Onlyfans, Career, & luxury lifestyle

Waifummia Biography 2022 – Boyfriend, Onlyfans, Career, & luxury lifestyle

Waifummia is a very attractive and super-smart model from America. She is also known as a Famous actor, fitness model, and YouTuber.

Introduction of Waifummia:

She is the best model and famous actress on the OnlyFans website. And she is also a known and famous supermodel in the United States of America. She was born in Washington DC, America. Also, She is a native of the capital city of Washington, USA. She has a nationality of American. And she is usually known for her Extremity videos and reels on the internet. 

She is an artist and a famous content creator in America. And she is a social media personality and a celebrity there too. She has a vast collection of followers and subscribers online on her social media accounts. She becomes very famous due to her videos viral on a website.

Waifummia as a teenage model:

 She is also known and famous as an actress. And she is working as a supermodel and actor. And she has an excellent start in her adult media career and has also made a good name in adult media. As we all know, she was born in a city in the United States of America. 

And she is the best model and a social media celebrity too. In the year 2021, she turned just 18 years old. Thus, she began her professional career when she was just a teenage student in her adult videos and modeling works as well. 

Gay or Lesbian spectrum:


Mia is the best kind artist on all social media platforms, and she is getting very famous and popular among all media industries in the United States of America. She can identify by her pleasing and attractive features and figure during different modeling shots and videography. Moreover, she is also known for her sexy and adult photos on various accounts. However, Mia has become very popular among in all ages. She is a pure American. 

A rumor about Waifummia:

Although, Mia has become the best kind of aromatic spectrum in the entire United States of America film and modeling industry. She is the very best-known model in the entire American industry. Sometimes, many people believe that she may be a lesbian personality and a celebrity but is some kind of rumor about her personality.

 She is getting fame by using her wild card entry in her channel on YouTube and OnlyFans accounts.

Waifummia is also known as an asexual person, and she is one of the best kinds of celebrities and a model. But why we are asking or feeling to have any experience with same-gender attraction in the modeling and acting industry.

By the way, Miia is an aromatic personality, and she is a celebrity and supermodel in the entire United States of America. And she is one of such kind of model and she feels little or no romantic towards any other boy or any male person.

Recognitions of Pornographic:

Waifummia has received various recognitions for her latest modeling work ad shots. She is getting very famous day by day 

during her many modeling and acting projects and assignments as well. She is working in many pornographic films and movies. Although, she has gained all credits for her acting and modeling abilities. In this article, we will try to update and also share all the related detail about her personality and relationships, net worth, and also about her all personal life and family details.

Fandom about Waifummia:


Her real name is Waifumiia. And she is best known and famous for her modeling and acting profession Model, creator of video entertainment, cosplayer Tik-Tok celebrity, and various social media influencer. And she is also known for her Onlyfan star and modeling field. She is only 18 years old. Her date of birth is Washington DC, United States of America. However, Her height is about 5 feet and 2 inches only and she has an ideal weight of 52 kilograms. Her body shape and figure are about 36-28-36. Her shoe size is about 7 US. And she has very beautiful and shiny hair. Her hairs are blond. And her hairs are also greyish and black.

Personal information about Waifummia:

Waifummia is a very stunning young influencer model. And she is also known as the best and most active celebrity. And she has a lot of potential for doing many acting and modeling. 

Miia has an incredible physique and she is also very good at behavior with other followers and subscribers. She is maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise to maintain the health and fitness of her body. She has some short golden hair. And she has stunning flashing gray eyelashes. She is a very pious personality as she always wears a smile. Miia is appearing to be mesmerizing and lovely personality. She is very famous for her nickname Mia.

Waifummia’s Height and Weight measurements:

Waifummia has an ideal height of 5 feet and 2 inches. And she weighs only 52 kilograms. She has a very beautiful and curvy body in shape. Also, She has a fantastic figure with dimensions 36-28-36. She makes her fans and followers very attractive and charming personality. Waifummia also has a great sense of style and she is a very charming personality. She is also working with many photographers’ dress stylists. She is the best and gained proper attention from all of her fans and followers.

According to research on online platforms and records, she is currently single and she is not wanting to mingle. She has no any related to any boy or male personality.

Waifummia’s age:

Miia is only 18 years old model and actress. She is a very attractive and sexy model with a cute attitude. Also, She is familiar with teenage models and Influencers.

She is a very beautiful and attractive model. And she has a very energetic Influencer on Instagram and YouTube platforms.

 And she is a very famous young sugar daddy girl. She is also known as a baby girl.

As Miia has a skinny and attractive body and figure of her. And Miia has an excellent face with awesome features. She is also known as a charming model and a celebrity. And she is also known as a bright face of the American and also famous in the modeling industry.

Waifummia Career and achievement:


Waifummia is generally known as a fashion model. And she is only an 18-year-old model and Influencer. But miia has already a large fan base. In 2022, she has begun posting various images and videos of her daily activities on different social media and platforms. She is also posting her videos for her premium fans and followers. She has used and is mostly active on various social media platforms.

Waifummia Instagram career and modeling journey:

Miia has two Instagram pages, she is making her life reel on her various channel and pages also. Also, Miia is an accurate figure but she is also famous for the many Vloggers on her YouTube channel. Miia is also using the Instagram platform and account. She also has some premium accounts for her premium users and followers on her various social media accounts and platforms. However, She has about 6.5 million followers and subscribers on her premium Instagram channel. She has a massive huge collection of her followers on her account and channel as well.

Waifumiia OnlyFans (OF) and Twitter accounts:

She is a famous American model, artist, content creator, social media personality, and celebrity. And she has many fans and followers on her various social media accounts and handles as well. And she has huge hundreds of thousands of followers and subscribers online on her different pages.

Miia has 4.3M subscribers and followers on her OnlyFans website. She is also uploading her many sexy pictures and sizzling videos of traveling and eating with her many old-school friends. But we did not know their friend’s name too. She is sharing her stylish lifestyle stories and images on her different pages and accounts as well.

And she has two more channels on her Instagram channel. Miia also has Patreon and OnlyFans accounts on their website. Moreover, she is posting her many latest and old photos with nudity features for her followers. She keeps posting many videos and pictures of herself on different platforms.

Cosplayer and vital of OnlyFans account:

As we all know, she is the very best and most attractive model. And she is also famous due to her fantastic features. She is also a member of Cosplayer, and she performs vital and prominent acting and also modeling. However, She always posts her amazing and stylish photos on her social media platforms.

She is often active on her OnlyFans account and she decided to record her sexy content for her premium followers and subscribers on the Onlyfans website as well. Also, She has various premium and normal followers on both social media platforms like Onlyfans and Instagram.

Twitter and TikTok account:

Waifummia has 1.2 million followers and subscribers on her platforms. On her Twitter account, she has a handle under the user name @waifumiia. And she has 135.2k followers there. Her followers can also search on her social media account under the user name @waifumia2 for her TikTok account. Her video clips and shorts are very famous due to her fancy clothes and fashion stylish outfits herself.

Waifummia Net Worth and Income Details:

We did not know about her net worth and further income detail. And she did not know tell any of her interviewees about her income detail. She is a very private person and she did not tell any detail about herself. So, we did not get or estimated her net worth and income details.

But she is a very rich model and influencer. She can get income from her various social media accounts and platforms. She can get also a handsome amount from her many brands’ endorsements and brands productions.

Some amazing facts about Waifummia:


There are some amazing facts about her amazing personality and she is also very well dressed and a celebrity.

1: Waifummia had a full interest in her fitness and health problems. From his childhood, she likes to spend a lot of time doing exercise and yoga.

2. She is very conscious about her daily diet and foods.

3: She can only eat her diet foods for her fitness freak and about her health. She is only an 18-year-old model and she is very popular as a teenage girl and a model.

She had gained huge popularity and fame within a very short period in the modeling field. Also, She belongs to an American family. She keeps her family details from all the media and other social groups.

She got many kinds of tattoo on her body and she makes her looks very attractive. However, She has left his old job to attend to her fan on her social website. Miia is very curious about all her fans and followers. She got fame for her appearing physical appearance and on her different social media platforms. Miia becomes a youth sensational celebrity due to her attractive looks and body figure.

Most Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

1: Who is Waifummia?

Ans: she is a very famous social media Influencer and a social media star. She is also a popular celebrity and personality. 

2: Is she drinking alcohol?

Ans: Yes, she loves to drink.

3: What is her age now 2022?

Ans: She is only 18 years old young and attractive model.

4: Is she available on OnlyFans?

Ans: Yes, she is always active there.

5: Is Waifummia a lesbian celebrity?

Ans: Yes, some rumors about her that she is a lesbian.

6: What do you know about her family and siblings?

Ans: She is a very private personality. Although, she did not tell or describe her personality too.


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The final words:

Waifummia is a very attractive and super-smart model. She is also known as a Famous actor, fitness model, and YouTuber. She is well known as a social media Influencer. Miia belongs to the United States of America.

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