How do you access your phone’s WhatsApp via a desktop browser?

How do you access your phone’s WhatsApp via a desktop browser?

WhatsApp can be described as a messenger application that is available for Smartphone devices. It requires verification of a contact number in order to allow account activation. However, this does not mean you cannot make use of WhatsApp on a PC without the use of a SIM or an internet connection. WhatsApp provides an easy alternative for users on desktops known as WhatsApp Web that lets you access your phone’s WhatsApp chat messages and contacts on your desktop computer. In addition, you don’t require an app to run WhatsApp Web on your PC. WhatsApp web is accessible using Web Browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Yet, WhatsApp Web still needs access to the WhatsApp application on your phone to function. The WhatsApp application on your phone should be functioning with an authentic phone number. WhatsApp Web would need access to your phone in order to sync your messages and contacts. Also, your phone is required to verify and authenticate your login to this Web App using the WhatsApp application installed on your phone.

Open WhatsApp in WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web app is useful for situations where you need to share videos, photos, or documents directly from your computer desktop. It eliminates the hassle of moving those images or videos onto your phone. It allows you to upload and share files and media directly from your computer’s hard drive, using WhatsApp Contacts. WhatsApp Contacts.

The steps for accessing your phone’s WhatsApp using a desktop browser are listed below.

Step 1

You can access WhatsApp Web using the following link. Launch Google’s web-based browser using your desktop and click on the link above.

WhatsApp Web App

It will allow you to access the WhatsApp web application in your browser. It’s a web-based application offered by WhatsApp and does not require installation. The website will show a QR Code Scanner Online Camera at the top right that you must scan with the WhatsApp application on your phone.

Step 2

In order to scan for the QR code, launch the WhatsApp application on your phone. Be sure you’re in a connection to the Internet (Turn on Wi-Fi or cell data). Click on the three dots menu located in the upper right corner of WhatsApp.

Click to open the Linked Devices option. After that, tap the LINK A DEVICE button

On Android phones, your phone may require your unlock pin, fingerprint, or pattern in accordance with the type of authentication you’ve set to unlock your phone. If you’re using iOS 14 and up, you can also utilize your Face ID or Touch ID in the event that biometric authentication is enabled. You’ll need to enter your unlock pin even if it’s not activated. After unlocking your mobile, WhatsApp will ask you to scan the QR code that is within your Web App, for linking your device to the app on the internet.

Step 3

Return to the Web application on your browser. You can scan the QR Code on the webpage using your Smartphone. The Phone has been connected with WhatsApp. WhatsApp application. The web application will take just a few minutes to sync your Contacts as well as chat messages. The user interface of the Web application is like the app for smartphones and comes with all the features and functions that you can get from smartphones.

Step 4

When WhatsApp completes synchronization with your contacts, all of your chat messages will be displayed within the Web application. It is essential to connect your phone to the internet when you use WhatsApp through your web browser. Chats can be initiated with your contacts and upload images, media or documents through WebApp. You can upload documents, photos, and media using the WebApp interface. 

Logout of the WhatsApp Web App

You can log off from using the WebApp by clicking on the three dots menu on the WebApp and then selecting Logout. You can also log out via the Smartphone app. Click on the three dots menu, and then tap Linked Devices. Click on the Active device, and select Logout. This will close the web application and your personal computer. After you log out of your account, all the messages that you sent via the app on the web are accessible via the WhatsApp application on your phone.

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