Which Console Has the Games You Want to Play?

Which Console Has the Games You Want to Play?

Gaming can feel so simple to those who already enjoy it but so confusing to those outside of the sphere. If you’re looking to get into it, this can be a major problem that could prevent you from doing so. Straight away, you might notice that different consoles have access to different games; which immediately means you have to commit to one before you know if you’ll even like the games that you’re playing.

There are still a wide number of games that are available across platforms; but it’s important to get a sense of which exclusive experiences might be to your taste so that you know which direction to go in.


Before making a decision, it’s worth being aware of what’s available right on your doorstep. The doorstep, in this case, being your smartphone. Being able to access and play so many games without investing in a console can be a very enticing prospect. In addition to this, many of the games you can play are also available on other consoles; making this a good way to try them. What about exclusive games, though? With modern mobile hardware being what it is; there are many to choose from, including exclusive RPGs; and MMOs to the more familiar games at a big win casino online.


Some of the games that are exclusive to PlayStation will likely be known to you due to the pop culture status they’ve come to enjoy since their release. Chief among these might be The Last of Us, which recently received its own HBO adaptation, and God of War – a long-running series that saw a more narrative-focused revival in 2018. There are many more big blockbuster exclusives than that available here, though, and if you’re interested in superheroes, the Spiderman games might be enough to tide you over.

Nintendo Consoles

That might not be the kind of game that you’re interested in. For example, if you’re interested in gaming as being something you want to enjoy with your friends, you might find that Nintendo consoles hold a more interesting library. Classics that you might immediately recognize without even playing include Mario Kart, Mario Party, Switch Sports, or Smash Bros. Any of these can provide you and your friends with hours of entertainment; and that’s without even touching on the single-player games.


A lot of the time, you might find that whatever is available for Xbox is also available for PC, making these two platforms somewhat interchangeable when addressing this topic. With Microsoft making several large-scale acquisitions into gaming publishers like Activision and Zenimax; the Xbox library has increased to include a variety of exclusive games; – with the recent Starfield perhaps being one of the more popular examples. Due to the swathe of titles included in these purchases; though, the true extent of exclusives might not be seen for some years to come; which is something to be aware of when deciding which games are most important to you.

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