Who is Ashley Tervort? A Look at the Age, Height, Boyfriend, Biography, and Wiki of the Rising Star

Who is Ashley Tervort? A Look at the Age, Height, Boyfriend, Biography, and Wiki of the Rising Star

With around 556k followers on Instagram and over 30k fans on Facebook, rising star Ashley Tervort has already hit the big time. Ashley Tervort was born on August 10, 1999, in Utah, USA, to a Mormon family. An American from a Christian family. Leo is her zodiac sign. Ashley Tervort is rarely born a boy while in high school. Check out Ashley Tervort ‘s wiki to learn more on social media. 

Ashley Tervort, who is she? 

Ashley Tervort, a social media star from the United States, has garnered millions of fans. Instagram has over 556,000 followers and is growing. Although her parents were German and she was born in Utah, she emigrated to the United States as a child. 

Her parents wanted to name her Elizabeth Taylor, but they changed her name to Ashley because of her popularity in Utah. She resides in Provo, Utah, with her parents, Joseph Tervort is her father, and Kathy Bassett-Tervort is her mother. His father was the local bishop of the church. At Utah Valley University, you studied fashion.

Before debuting on social media, she was a model at the start of 2018. Although the camera had a large deal of life experience prior to the start of 2018, it had no experience prior to the start of the year 2018. Nobody knew about his private life; she was born on August 10, a1999, and lives with his family.

Ashley Tervort Biography

She was born in Orem, Utah on August 10, 1999. She is a passionate animal lover. Her favorite movie is Parent Trap. She loves to travel and visit different places every day. She currently lives in her hometown with her family.

The name Ashley Tervort may not ring a bell with you, but if you are one of those who follow social media platforms like Instagram then you might be familiar with her work. The rising star on social media is known for posting bold photos. That has caught everyone’s attention lately and she also has an impressive fan following that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Ashley Tervort Family

Ashly was born into a Mormon family in Utah. Joseph Tervort is her father, and Kathy Bassett-Tervort is her mother. Sarah is her younger sister, and she has two brothers named Andrew and Jordan. Her nationality is American, and she comes from a Christian household.

Before joining YouTube in early 2016, Ashly attended Brigham Young University (BYU). She currently has over 556k Instagram followers, making her one of the most well-known people on the platform.

Her latest post got over 90k likes. This shows that she’s still popular on social media despite being inactive on Youtube since 2017. As mentioned above, she grew up in a Mormon family and so her religion played an important role during her childhood days.

Personal Life & Relationships

Ashley Tervort

Her parents instilled religious beliefs in her. Her younger brother is likewise a frequent user of social media. She has kept her love connection private, but she does publish images with her boyfriend. Her current dating status has yet to be confirmed.

As a result, it will be intriguing to see when she and her partner marry. There aren’t any rumors about her previous relationships or dating history. She is in a happy relationship with her family and friends. She enjoys going on adventures and seeing new locations.

Ashley Tervort’s Education

She completed her elementary education at an early age. She has been studying in school from a very young age, but she was not able to complete her high school education for an unknown reason. After that, she started attending college for achieving a better qualification in business management.

Although it’s not yet confirmed whether she is currently studying there or not. However, if we take into consideration all facts available on the internet. We can assume that she might be pursuing her higher studies at the University of Utah or any other nearby university. But no official confirmation regarding her higher studies exists as yet.

Ashley Tervort’s Favorite Things

She’s one of those young models who loves taking selfies in front of a mirror. She posts so many glamour shots that she’s become known as a beauty enthusiast.

Ashley Tervort is a blogger and podcaster who writes about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle topics. Here are her favorite things:

  1. Ashley adores the sound quality of her Beats by Dre headphones and how well they stay in her ears despite the frequent movement she encounters when working out.
  2. Ashley utilizes her Amazon Kindle Fire tablet for enjoyment, including reading books and listening to podcasts. She adores that she may access her library from wherever and that there are numerous applications available.
  3. Subscription to Allure magazine- Ashley enjoys receiving Allure magazine because it contains fantastic fashion advice and features stunning fashion photos.
  4. Formula X by Sephora Beauty Products: Ashley Tervort began her social media journey on Instagram.

Ashley Tervort’s Hobbies

  • Social media might be her hobby and work. She can be a model for some brands and companies. 
  • The majority of Instagram celebrities enjoy taking pictures of themselves.
  • On holidays or other events, they may spend time with their friends or relatives.
  • Many are social media influencers or models who have built a living off of it.
  • on the other hand, Tervort appears to be utilizing Instagram to promote her acting abilities.

Ashley Tervort Body Measurement

Ashley Tervort

 Ashly stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and her weight is 54 kg. She has black hair color and hazel eyes color. She loves going out with friends in her free time. Ashly gets lots of attention from people because of her hot body figure which attracts all people to her.

The social media star has perfect physique measurement which includes 34-24-34 inch bust size, 28 waist size, and 36 hip sizes. Her bra cup size is C and her shoe size is 7 (US).


She started her career as a model when she was just 10 years old. Since then, she has been an active social media user. She became popular on Instagram in 2015 when she posted photos of herself in her bedroom which were provocative even for a girl who was 16 years old. Later it turned out that several naked photos were photoshopped.

All in all, we can say that Ashley’s rise to fame began right after she dropped out of high school when she was 15 years old. She always wanted to be popular but failed during her initial attempt to become a model and thus decided to take it to another level by posting bold photos on social media.

 Ashley has not just been posting photos on social media but was featured in High Heels magazine. Where she posed topless along with her sister when she was 13 years old. Also, she has published several modeling-related photos on Instagram that have managed to create quite a stir in her fans.

She loves dressing up in hot outfits and showing off. In one of her interviews with Gary James, she claimed that once while coming back from school wearing sweatpants. Which had a hole in them, some guy dropped his drink when he saw her from behind.

She also said that some other girls were jealous because they were wearing ugly pants but seeing Ashly made them even more envious. She has been criticized for her provocative photos on social media by several people including her parents. Who has told her to stop posting such pictures as she will regret it later in life.

Some people have claimed that she posts provocative photos for attention while others say that she does it for money. However, many praise her boldness and say that she is just being herself. In an interview with a fashion magazine where she was asked about all these controversies surrounding her. She replied saying: I’m not doing anything wrong. I am a model. That’s what models do. They pose naked.

Ashley Tervort Before Fame

She was very interested in fashion since her childhood. She appeared in her first photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine when she was only 10 years old. In 2011, she moved to Georgia where she attended Northside High School before moving to California after that. Currently, she’s a student at Woodbury University where she studies marketing.

She also has an Instagram page where she shares many pictures of herself with her famous friends like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. She posts about her modeling work as well as fashion advice for others who want to start their career just like hers. Although it wasn’t long ago that Ashley started on social media platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat you can already tell by looking through her photos that she’s got what it takes to go far.

 To date, she has over 556k followers on Instagram. She also has more than 202k followers on Twitter. Her second platform where she shares her modeling career and fashion advice to other people that want to follow in her footsteps are Snapchat. As far as height goes Ashley Tervort stands 5 feet 8 inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s a healthy young woman who hits up her local gym often to stay in tip-top shape for all of her fans to see.

The OnlyFans

Ashley Tervort

Ashley has been a frequent uploader on OnlyFans for about two years. She uses her platform to let her fans in on how she’s doing and to share videos with them. While many celebrities make a lot of money from selling content on their Instagram accounts, Ashley chooses to give much of hers away for free through OnlyFans.

This lets her connect more deeply with her followers as she gets to know them better one-on-one by sharing some personal thoughts or challenges, she’s had in life that people might relate to. Ashley finds that it helps people relate more easily to someone. They think they can have a conversation over an account that just shares photos of what they ate.

Ashley Tervort Awards & Nominations

Winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 24. Although her work remains behind the scenes for now. She has been honored by Ford Motor Company with a 2018 Young Women’s Leadership Award in recognition of her fashion design efforts. In addition to modeling, Ashly is also an aspiring fashion designer and has gotten a chance to show off her skills at events sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Her career kicked off with a cycle appearance on America’s Next Top Model season 24. That brought fame to her and led to high-profile modeling jobs alongside some big names in fashion like Maye Musk or Candice Huffine. She has had several runway appearances including hosting an event for Houston Fashion Week in 2017.

Ashley Tervort’s Trivia

Ashley had first grabbed the online limelight when she shared an X-rated photo on her Instagram account. She was only 16 years old when she posted that photo. After sharing that photo her Instagram followers tripled in a day. But later, some people started telling negative things about Ashley’s picture.

Some people even claimed that it would corrupt young minds if they saw that picture. But later people claimed their complaints to be baseless and no one has ever seen such complaints. After Ashly shared an updated version of that picture with clothes covering her private part. This time around she had to delete about 15000 comments from her post in just 24 hours.

Ashley Tervort Net Worth

Ashley Tervort has been active on social media since 2012. The American actress cum model’s first post was in 2012 on Instagram. She has reached over 556K followers on her Instagram account with more than 800 posts so far.  She currently lives in Utah along with her family. In addition to that, she also earns a good sum from her modeling career.

In addition to that, she also earns a good sum from her modeling career. According to some sources, Ashley Tervort’s net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars. As per another source, her net worth is estimated at around 600 thousand dollars as of 2018. Moreover, she reportedly makes around 1.5 million dollars annually from her profession as an actress and model.

Fun Facts About Ashley Tervort

  • Ashley Tervort was born in Salt Lake City.
  • Her real name is Ashley Elizabeth Tervort.
  • Ashley Tervort has a younger sister who also posts on social media under her name, Kimmyt19. However, Ashley Tervort used to be an only child but now she has a younger sibling with whom she often shares her Instagram photos and videos.
  • Ashley Tervort was born into a Mormon family.
  • The young star belongs to the white ethnicity and holds American nationality.
  • She celebrates her birthday every year on the 10th of August, as per the Gregorian calendar.
  • On her special day, Ashley’s parents gift her some new clothes or jewelry for her wardrobe collection.
  • Her parents arrange for a small party for their daughter at home or sometimes go out for dinner with their friends and family members too.
  • The rising star loves spending time with people close to them.
  • However, there is no news about any possible boyfriend that she might have in her life yet.
Ashley Tervort

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Ashley Tervort?

She is currently 23 years old. She was born on August 10, 1999, in Salt Lake City, Utah to an American family. Her zodiac sign is Leo. The ethnicity she has been associated with has been white. Her net worth has been estimated to be 1.5 million dollars.

What is Ashley Tervort’s height?

According to her Instagram profile, she has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. But in reality, Ashley has a height of 5 feet 8 inches. According to Google, she weighed 50 kgs but now she is 55 kgs. Her hair color is brown with blonde highlights and her eye color is blue. She belongs to Christian family background from Salt Lake City Utah USA.

What is Ashley Tervort’s boyfriend’s name?

According to reports, she has no boyfriend. However, she might be dating someone secretly as she was seen with a guy in a red shirt during her birthday party. But it seems that it was just her friend who was there for her birthday party. She has not been linked up with anyone till now. She does not have any such rumors about her past affairs too.

It looks like she is focusing on her career rather than being involved in any kind of love affairs or relationships. Let’s hope that she will soon find someone special for herself and gets married to him soon. Till then we wish all the best for Ashley.

How tall is Ashley Tervort?

Ashley Tervort stands 5 feet 8 inches tall (1.75 m). She has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a fair skin complexion. Ashly looks hot in her bold red lipstick which makes her look seductive and flawless in each photo she posts online. Her blue eyes give a mysterious effect while she poses for pictures. Apart from being an internet sensation with 559k million followers on Instagram alone.

When is Ashley Tervort birthday?

Ashley was born on August 10th. She was born in 1999 which makes her 23 years old today. Her star sign is Leo making her a fire sign. People with Leo as their sun sign are fun-loving individuals who are full of energy. They can be quite stubborn too but once they set their mind to something there’s no stopping them.

You’re supposed to learn from your past experiences and make mistakes because without them you wouldn’t learn or grow. If you have Leo as your sun sign it means that you have a vivid imagination and you love life even when things get tough. Your feelings are constantly changing depending on your mood swings but that won’t stop you from having a good time every day/


Ashley was a regular girl who grew up in a quiet town. She had never thought about becoming famous until she started working on her social media accounts. Ashly’s posts started very small but soon grew into much bigger pictures. As more people saw her content, they would like her photos and ask for more from her.

She was posting bold pictures that no one else would take. In time she noticed that these pictures were getting attention from other social media stars. As well as normal users. Since then, she has grown so popular and grown such an awesome following on every account she owns.

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