How Do I Convert Ether to Bitcoins? 4 Best Methods for Conversion

How Do I Convert Ether to Bitcoins? 4 Best Methods for Conversion

4 Best Methods that Convert Ether to Bitcoins. Conversion Through a Crypto Exchange, Built-in Internal Exchange, Inside a Crypto Wallet.

Currently, the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that convert  ETH / BTC is almost as popular as converting digital assets to fiat money. There are several options for performing exchange operations:

  • Conversion through a cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Conversion through the instant exchange service;
  • Exchange within a multicurrency wallet.

However, Each of the mentioned ways has its drawbacks and benefits. To choose the most acceptable method for converting cryptocurrencies, you should familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of transactions on different services.

Convert Ether to Bitcoins Through a Crypto Exchange

The transfer of Ethereum to Bitcoin through a cryptocurrency exchange is attractive with a good rate, a large selection of withdrawal methods, and security. Reputable exchanges value their clients and take care of the protection of client accounts. However, to withdraw funds from a crypto exchange, you need to go through the account verification procedure by providing scanned copies of personal documents. For those who value confidentiality, this exchange route is not suitable.

To get the maximum possible amount during the exchange, you can trade on the exchange by placing a pending sell order. However, this is a risky method, not always fast, and knowledge about trading mechanisms is required for successful trading. If you need to exchange a cryptocurrency pair very urgently, it is better to use the first method or carry out a conversion through an exchange.

Convert Ether to Bitcoins via Instant Exchange Service

Instant exchange services such as offer customers a fast and completely anonymous service. Exchange services work in automatic or semi-automatic mode. They support the conversion of cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies, for example, BNB to Matic, fiat money, and title units of electronic payment systems. You can receive money by card, bank transfer or cash.

To exchange cryptocurrency in any desired direction, you need to:

  • Go to the service website and go to the desired page. 
  • Next, in the “sell” field, indicate the name of the coin to sell and the amount of the transaction. 
  • Then, in the same way, you need to select the name of the coin you need in the “buy” window.

The system itself will collect information about the availability of current offers that Convert Ether to Bitcoins and analyze them for compliance with your request. Also, Offers in the desired direction of exchange are rank in a list from which you will choose the most profitable or convenient for you. From personal data, you only need the bitcoin wallet address and a convenient way of communication.

Roughly the same exchange operations perform on other similar services, the differences between them are insignificant and not fundamental. 

Conversion Inside a Crypto Wallet

Holders of digital assets have already appreciated the possibilities of multicurrency wallets. Also, They have wide functionality and support multiple coins. However, many of them provide the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies like Convert Ether to Bitcoins within the wallet. Also, Transactions are carried out instantly and without commission.

Built-in Internal Exchange of Ethereum to Bitcoin

This option is offered by Cryptonato, Coinomi, Jaxx. Now, this operation can perform in the Blockchain wallet and a range of other wallets, as well. However, it is not yet available in all countries; and the conversion is limited to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum mostly. However, We hope now you are familiar with the 4 Best Methods that Convert Ether to Bitcoins. Also, Conversion Through a Crypto Exchange, Built-in Internal Exchange, Inside a Crypto Wallet.

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