Danganronpa Characters – The complete details and guide of 2021

Danganronpa Characters – The complete details and guide of 2021

There is a complete list of all Danganronpa characters from the famous game which has the name of Spike Chunsoft (a famous Japanese game).

Introduction of Danganronpa characters:

Danganronpa is a famous Japanese game, and the renowned writer Kazutaka kodaks created it. And this game is developed and owned by the well-known spike chunsoft. This game is a short story but cum a game of some high school students forced to murder by monokuma.

Who is bx monokuma?

But bx monokuma is an evil bear, and he is the main antagonist in the story. Also, he is full of despair and negative emotions throughout the story game. Also, This game will be filled with remorse, and sometimes this game is shown some satisfaction of winning against all odds.

What is the primary genre of this game cum story?

However, This game’s story contains mystery, thriller, action, romance, adventure, and almost all the other genres required to make it more exciting and memorable for their fans and followings. 

What are Danganronpa characters?

As we all know that Danganronpa is such a fantastic game cum story. And there is a complete following list of all characters from the famous game which has the name of the Spike Chunsoft and this video game has a comprehensive series of Danganronpa. 

Sadistic teddy bear Monokuma:

Also, This series is full of all follows the life and about the students of Hope’s Peak Academy who are forced into a life of mutual killing to each other by a sadistic teddy bear named Monokuma.

Based on three games:

 This story cum game series is currently consisting of three games. All the stories of this game are full of fantastic.

The story cum game has the first name of the game is:

1: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, 2.

2: Goodbye, Despair.

3: And another episode of this game: Ultra Despair Girls.

The mixture of this tory cum game and based on what series?

This game cum story has a stand-alone sequel game with the name of V3: Killing Harmony and various spin-off novels. This game is also based on and manga series which are including Zero and Killer Killer. And this story is also based on two anime television series.

However, One of the game’s stories is an adaptation of the first game and the other a sequel and finale of 3, which has the name of:

 The End of Hope’s Peak High School. 

Also, There are enlisting the names of all characters who are an essential part of this game cum story, in an order which is as follows here:

Danganronpa 1 characters: Trigger Happy Havoc

1: Makoto Naegi

2: Kyoko Kirigiri

3: Byakuya Togami

4: Toko Fukawa

5: Aoi Asahina

6: Yasuhiro Hagakure

7: Sayaka Maizono

8: Leon Kuwata

9: Chihiro Fujisaki

10: Mondo Owada

11: Kiyotaka Ishimaru

12: Hifumi Yamada

13: Celestia Ludenberg

14: Sakura Ogami

15: Junko Enoshima

16: Mukuro Ikusaba

17: Alter Ego

18: Jin Kirigiri

Danganronpa 2 characters: Goodbye Despair

1: Hajime Hinata or Izuru Kamukura

2: Chiaki Nanami

3: Nagito Komaeda or the Servant

4: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

5: Akane Owari

6: Sonia Nevermind

7: Kazuichi Soda

8: Ultimate Imposter

9: Teruteru Hanamura

10: Mahiru Koizumi

11: Peko Pekoyama

12: Ibuki Mioda

13: Hiyoko Saionji

14: Mikan Tsumiki

15: Nekomaru Nidai

16: Gundham Tanaka

17: Usami or Monomi

18: Natsumi Kuzuryu

19: Sato

Danganronpa another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

1: Komaru Naegi

2: Nagisa Shingetsu

3: Jataro Kemuri

4: Kotoko Utsugi

5: Monaca

6: Kurokuma

7: Toko Fukawa

8: Masaru Daimon

9: Shirokuma.

Danganronpa 3 characters: The End of Hope’s Peak High School

1: Kyosuke Munakata

2: Chisa Yukizome

3: Ryota Mitarai

4: Daisaku Bandai

5: Great Gozu

6: Kazuo Tengan

7: Seiko Kimura

8: Sonosuke Izayoi

9: Koichi Kizakura

10: Miaya Gekkogahara”

11: Ruruka Ando

12: Juzo Sakakura

13: Chiaki Nanami

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

1: Korekiyo Shinguji

2: Angie Yonaga

3: Kirumi Tojo

4: Kokichi Oma

5: Tsumugi Shirogane

6: K1-B0

7: Tenko Chabashira

8: Kaede Akamatsu

9: Kaito Momota

10: Maki Harukawa

11: Shuichi Saihara

12: Ryoma Hoshi

13: Rantaro Amami

14: Himiko Yumeno

15: Gonta Gokuhara

16: Miu Iruma.

Danganronpa/Zero characters

1: Ryoko Otonashi 

2: Yasuke Matsuda

3: Yasuke Matsuda

4: Yuto Kamishiro 

5: The Madarai Brothers

6: Soshun Murasame

Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer

1: Misaki Asano

2: Takumi Hijirihira

3: Shuji Fujigawa

4: Kirigiri Sou

Other characters of Danganronpa: 

1: Yui Samidare

2: Blue Ink

The famous characters of all versions and also in the whole series are also mentioned in full detail here:

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa Characters

1: Monokuma

Monokuma is one of the primary and lead antagonists of the whole series of this game.

 This is such a kind of character which is based on a strange teddy bear.

 The teddy bear is the headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy. And he also begins the show of a life of mutual killing among the primary students of his academy.

Clones in the academy:

The teddy bear has various kinds of disguise clones everywhere in the academy. And these clones are punishing anyone who is not agreed with his orders and tasks. The clones are also attacking those students who are breaking the school laws.

The appearance of Monokuma:

However, Monokuma is divided into two parts. The first is a white teddy bear, and this appearance interacts with black detailing, and another part is grey. And the grey shading from the left side on his body. As always, his right side has black fur with almost reddish color eyes. And this has part gives him a sadistic appearance with an evil smirk.

Although, the main aim of monokuma was to bring the academy students together into a mystery, and then he would investigate all the matters there. His execution was calling for the ultimate destruction.

Aoi Asahina:

Aoi has her nickname as Hina, and she is a student who has excellent athletics, especially in swimming. She has bonded extremely well with sakura during the game, but after sakura’s suicide, she becomes pretty happy in her life. She was one of the primary survivors who escaped and joined the future of the foundation group and the academy. 

Sayaka Maizono

Sayaka maizono is one of the leaders of a five-member idol group nationally popular and famous in her country. She had good intentions, and she was always passing jokes and making her appear like a physic person. Also, She was stabbed with the kitchen knife, and she was the first murder victim of the academy. She had the title of a pop sensation of the academy. 

All famous Danganronpa characters: 

Kiyotaka Ishimaru: 

Kiyotaka Ishimaru has the nickname the taka. And he was determined and liked to work with reasonable rules and regulations that work with an order. And he has wished to become the Prime Minister of the country one day to construct the prime and proper government. He was friends with mondo, and he was extremely traumatized by his sad demise. 

Hifumi Yamada: 

Hifumi is an obese student. And he is a famous döjin manga artist too.  

He was only interested in working within the two-dimensional art world. And he is taking an interest in his alter ego.

 He started her wrong path and wrong work, killed kiyotaka with a wooden mallet, and made him the fourth murder and fourth victim of the list. He has the title of ultimate fanfic creator. 

The famous characters of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. 

Danganronpa Characters

1: Peko Pekoyama

2: The Ultimate Imposter

3: Akane Owari

4: Teruteru Hanamura

5: Nagito Komaeda

6: Sonia Nevermind

7: Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

8: Kazuichi Soda

9: Chiaki Nanami

10: Mahiru Koizumi

11: Hiyoko Saionji

12: Izuru Kamakura

13: Mikan Tsumiki

14: Ibuki Moda

15: Nekomaru Nidai

16: Gundam Tanaka.

17: Hajime Hinata or Izuru Kamukura

18: Izuru Kamukura and Hajime Hinata are the same person.

Izuruis the main character and also the detective during the danganronpa. And he has worked with Kyoko kirigami. And Izuru is one of the actual people responsible for perpetuating the tragedy, which was an event involving massacre and the decay of humankind of this planet.

Teruteru Hanamura

This is one of the culinary students with a bisexual perverted mind. And he has the ultimate power of cook who was executed by getting fried in a volcano and ends up killing Byakuya instead of nagito. And he becomes unaware that in this whole game of despair. He killed his mother and ate his mother with the members of the team ultimate pain in the game. His execution name is “Deep Fried Teruteru.”

Mahiru Koizumi: 

He is the ultimate photographer, and he is good at his work. He is a very excellent artist of taking photographs, especially portraits. And he is entirely against the male community, who is the second murder victim and killed by head injury having by peko.

Danganronpa characters names and their details: 

Ibuki Moda: 

She was the third murder victim of this story cum game. And she was all jealous and joyous with fame among all the females’ charters in this story. And she is with her classical guitar. She was strangled to death by mikan, hung on nose, and had the tag of the ultimate musician in this story and her death.  

Natsumi Kuzuryu: 

When Hajime has reserved his class student Natsumi, she was the sister of the famous gaming character of this game, fuyuhiko.

And she was killed with a swimsuit filled with pebbles that were struck repeatedly on her head in swimming pool.


Sato is another interesting character of this story, and she is reserve all the class student who was friends with mikan, Ibuki, Mahiru, hiyoko. She killed Natsumi and got killed by fuyuhiko with a baseball bat in the game. 

The female characters of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. 

Danganronpa Characters

1: Komaru Naegi

2: Nagisa Shingetsu

3: Jataro Kemuri

4: Kotoko Utsugi

5: Monaca

6: Kurokuma

7: Toko Fukawa

8: Masaru Daimon

9: Shirokuma.

10: Komaru Naegi 

Danganronpa, in other episodes, has the main protagonist, and she is Makoto’s younger sister. She is one of the main characters of this fantastic story. Also, She and her family were facing a lot of hardships and difficulties. She was the ultimate girl with a big brother. 

Warriors of Hope: 

This is a famous group of five people, or we can say that five members. This is a group of five members from Hope’s peak academy. And they have the same mission of building to monitor a child prodigy. This five base group has a mission and aim too of abusing children who have made a suicidal pact about killing themselves and were stopped by Junko enoshima.

The characters of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School – Future Arc.

1: Yasuhiro Hagakure

2: Ruruka Ando

3: Aoi Asahina

4: Seiko Kimura

5: Kyoko Kirigiri

6: Sonosuke Izayoi

7: Makoto Naegi

8: Kazuo Tengan

9: Kyosuke Munakata

10: Miaya Gekkogahara

11: Ryota Mitarai

12: Chisa Yukizome

13: Koichi Kizakura

14: Juzo Sakakura

15: Daisaku Bandai.

Great Gozu: 

Great gozu is one of the strongest and powerful wrestlers. And he is one of the hunches for justice. And he was the third victim of monokuma in the story and had the title of the former and earlier ultimate wrestler. He was subjected to despair due to his criminal act of being pinned to the ground almost three times, most vital in the given story. 

danganronpa 1 characters

Seiko Kimura:

She is one of the famous Pharmacists of this story. And she can make many kinds of drugs and medicine for the people and herself. Her treatments and medications could cure the flu and are also used for medication that could keep away from glucose. She was the fifth victim with the action of letting someone step on her shadow in the story. However, before signing off on her death letter, she was still trying to make an antidote that could save her Kyoko and got the tag of the former ultimate pharmacist.

Sanosuke Izayoi: 

Sanosuke izayoi is also known as yoi chan in this famous story. And he was a blacksmith by profession in this story. And he had a relationship with ruruka. He was the sixth victim, easily killed by ruruka, and was also known as the former ultimate blacksmith of this story. 

The final words:

Danganropa is one of the famous cum games, and Japanese productions prepare this story. This story is a mixture of many stories and also a blend of some manga series. This story has many unforgettable characters, which makes this story is thoroughly impressive.

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