Microsoft Employee Awards

Microsoft Employee Awards

Microsoft Teams have become a highly effective tool for providing employees with awards and recognition. Importance of Employee Recognition. Also, A lot of companies use Microsoft Office 365, and they are going for Microsoft teams for providing employees with awards and recognitions for their efforts and good performance. 

You might want to know how Microsoft Teams can help you with employee awards and recognitions. We will talk about that in this article. 

The ultimate goal of Microsoft Teams is to be a central hub for employees. Although, That way Microsoft Teams gets opened up for app developers to form integrations for the users that can be installed and used on this platform. However, The key way to optimize Microsoft Teams is to install the right team apps for the company. If you want to recognize your employees with proper awards and recognitions, you will have to find an app from the Microsoft AppSource, which will help you with that.

Read on to know more about how you can leverage a specific app for providing awards and recognition to your employees through Microsoft Teams.

Employee Awards and Microsoft Teams

If you are thinking about implementing an employee award and recognition program at your company through Microsoft Teams,  you will need to go for an employee recognition app. It will bring even more value to your program. There are multiple apps out there that can help you with this. Recognitions and awards can easily be made public to the rest of the channel. Also, It will increase the visibility of the accomplishments of the employees. This will encourage the employees to show discretionary effort. 

MS Teams will help you to provide recognition to your employees in a personalized and consistent manner. Also, for this, you can take the Recognizeapp into account. This is one of the best apps out there for providing employees with awards and recognition. About 96% of employees on this app feel more engaged with their workplace. 99.7% of them have a seamless experience of reward redemption. 

Employee Recognition Options of Recognizeapp through MS Teams

You will be able to engage all of your employees in MS Teams through the Recognize app. It will help you provide special on-spot bonuses, and implement a proper employee recognition program.

The Recognize app comes with these options-

  • Manager and Peer Employee Recognition
  • Celebration of Birthdays and Anniversaries in Teams
  • Social Feed of Recognitions in Teams
  • 600+ Gift Cards
  • Upload Your Own Rewards

Here are some of the employee award and recognition options provided by this app-

Employee Rewards from MS Teams

If you use the recognize app on MS Teams, it will provide you with the option to reward your employees with gift cards from various brands. Your employees will be able to get rewarded with gift cards from their favorite clothing brands, or restaurants. Gift cards from Walmart, Domino’s, Nike, Apple, Amazon, and many other esteemed brands can be provided through this app. 

On-Spot Bonus Options

The Recognize app enables the managers to provide employees with on-spot bonuses in an MS Team tab. This way managers are able to give bonuses to an employee right when they do a good job. Employees will be able to choose their recognition method or reward from over 400 vendors. They will also be able to choose from your offered items.

Promoting Company Values

You can easily promote and provide insight into the core values of your company to the employees through this app. Also, You can add the value archetypes in the form of images, badges, titles, descriptions, points, roles, limits, and more. You will be able to see who are top performers in the office across different values and times. 

Driving Non-Monetary Daily Recognitions

You will be able to provide daily recognitions conveniently to your employees on MS Teams with the help of this app. Employee accomplishments can also be promoted easily. The company will be able to motivate employees through non-monetary strategies.

Gathering All Core Tools in One Place

You will be able to provide your employees with the core tools they need for their day-to-day functioning.

Company Provided Rewards

You will also be able to provide company-provided rewards to your employees through this app, such as paid vacation, dinner, paid leave, etc. 

Automated Service Anniversary

This app helps to celebrate special occasions and work anniversaries of the employees in an automated manner. 

Importance of Employee Recognition

These days, the importance of providing proper recognition to the employees of a workplace has become even more apparent to employers. If the employees of a company get properly recognized for all the efforts and hard work they put in for the company, they feel highly valued and appreciated. It drives them to keep doing a better job at the workplace.

Also, they get motivated to bring in better results for the company. Having a proper employee recognition and robust alumni program at the workplace enhances the overall performance of the employees and engagement as everyone wants to get recognized by the higher-ups for their good work.

Employee engagement at the workplace also increases. When employees are provided with recognition, they feel more engaged with the company and their work. Employee retention rate also increases, so the company gets the chance to hold on to its best employees. All these results in massive growth and success for the company.

Final Words

MS Teams is one of the best platforms out there to collaborate all the needs of the employees of a workplace. It also helps a lot in recognizing the efforts and performance of the employees through multiple apps. If you dedicated enough to provide your employees with the rewards and recognition they deserve, you will need to go for the best recognition apps on the platform, such as the recognize app. It will help you with your goal of implementing a proper employee award and recognition program at your company.

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