Who is Lena the Plug? Bio, Net worth, Husband, Kids, Family, & More

Who is Lena the Plug? Bio, Net worth, Husband, Kids, Family, & More

Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian 30 years old) is a YouTuber, Internet celebrity, and social media sensation from the United States.


Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian) is a well-known YouTuber. Her participatory YouTube videos have made her a household name in the nation.

On her YouTube account, she posts prank videos, Q&A rounds, challenges, and other personal content. 45 percent of females and 55 percent of guys watch her channel. On her ‘OnlyFans’ website and other social media accounts, she also publishes some personal and pornographic stuff. Many individuals have chastised her for her sexually graphic films.

She has a seven-figure net worth as a result of her hard work and usage of her body. Continue reading to learn more about Lena the Plug’s age, spouse, height, siblings, wiki, biography, parents, job, net worth, and other interesting information.

Lena The Plug Wiki / Bio

Lena’s Real name is Lena Nersesian. She just turned 30 years old, and her pals wished her well on her big day.

Lena The Plug received her basic schooling at a local school. She also wanted to pursue her post-graduate studies but was unable to do so due to financial constraints.

As of 2018, she has acquired an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. She used to upload a lot of fashion-based and make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel. She earns at least $2.2k – $49k monthly and $27.6k – $413k yearly from her channel according to data collected in September 2018.

Lena The Plug Family

Lena the Plug

Lena The Plug Nersesian left her hometown after graduating from high school. She wanted to be self-sufficient. She adores her parents without a doubt. In an interview, she said that she had lost communication with her father and mother. Because of her adult career, her parents severed relations with her. She wanted her parents to realize that she is working since it is her only source of income.

Regardless, we examined the web and social media accounts extensively but were unable to find any information about them. Let me tell you that she and her mother created a video together, but she did not reveal her face in it.

According to accounts, she is her parent’s only child and does not have any siblings. Her parents, on the other hand, are Armenians.

Lena The Plug Relationship Status

Lena has been dating Adam Grandmaison since September 2016. I’m a bit of a planner and a control freak. None of us could have predicted how this year would pan out.

So many plans had to be canceled by all of us. By being more than two weeks over her due date, this baby is once again teaching me that lesson. So many days ago, I had planned for her to be in my arms. Please, little booger, hurry up. We already have a great deal of affection for you. 

 The findings were somewhat shocking. So grateful we ended up with the sweetest kid (even though she may be a carbon image of her father).”

Lena The Plug Children

Lean is dating her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison, whom she began dating in July 2017. The pair has a daughter called “Parker Ann Nersesian,” who was born on November 14th, 2020.

Lean and her boyfriend Adam sparked controversy in 2016 when she stated that her boyfriend would have sex with her buddy Pal Emily and promised her followers that the sex video will be released. She was chastised for doing so, but this isn’t the first time the pair has been in the news.

Lena has published several photos of herself and her child on social media, revealing that her daughter’s name is Parker Ann. She stated the following as she celebrated her daughter’s one-year birthday:

“The love of my life turned one year old yesterday. She seemed to enjoy herself at her birthday party and didn’t cry when we wished her a happy birthday.”

Lena the Plug

Lena The Plug Height, Weight & Physical Measurements

The In Feet Inches: 5′ 7″ and the weight In Kilograms: 53 kg. Her Bra Size is 34B and her Waist Size is 24 inches. Her Hip Size is 36 inches. She has got a beautiful body shape with an hourglass figure. 

Lena The Plug Favorite Things

  • If you’re a fan of Lena the Plug’s videos then you probably love her as much as we do.
  • Find out what she loves to do in her spare time by checking out our favorite Lena the Plug quotes.
  • She’s always on trend with her wardrobe and makeup choices.
  • When she’s not vlogging she loves to spend quality time with her family and friends.

Lena The Plug Hobbies

  • Lena The Plug has a few hobbies that she enjoys sharing with her fans.
  • First and foremost, among them is shopping
  • Lena loves to go on shopping sprees.
  • Her second favorite hobby is hanging out with friends in person and online.
  • For Lena, a typical night might include drinking some wine at home while surfing online or out with her friends in a club or pub.
  • She also likes going hiking as well as working out at one of her local gyms.
  • Since turning thirty years old two years ago, Lena has become interested in cooking healthy recipes for herself and her family.

Lena The Plug Career

Lena the Plug

After finishing her education, Lena went to work for a private corporation in Sweden. She was dissatisfied with her current job and wanted to pursue something more exciting. She also reached out to several folks who manage a channel that broadcasts pornographic stuff. In an interview, Lena said that she was requested to film nude and that she would get 50% of the revenue. Nersesian was dissatisfied with the arrangement and wanted to become freelance.

Lena made her first video 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ME! She was 23 years old then. Lena also uploaded videos on her YouTube page which are related to sex toys. Since 2015, she has been uploading videos that talk about topics. Such as masturbation and other things that were considered inappropriate to talk about back then. Her followers have increased after these types of videos were uploaded onto her page.

Ascend to the Top

In 2016, Lena Nersesian started a YouTube channel called Lena the Plug. She’s been using it to share her exercise videos since then. She has also begun posting her own lifestyle-related vlogs. Her channel, which now has over 120 films, contains daring and fascinating videos that are a must-see for fitness nuts or those who are attracted by the health-conscious lifestyle.

Since launching her channel, Lena Nersesian has grown a huge and dedicated following of fans who enjoy what she posts on social media. By 2017 she had more than one million subscribers on YouTube. As of 2019, her subscriber base has increased to over 1.62 million subscribers and her videos have more than 300 million views. Aside from that, she also has a fan base on Instagram where she currently has over 2 million followers as well as 1.7 million followers on Twitter.

As a YouTube Personality

On August 22, 2016, she launched her YouTube account and began posting videos. Her channel has 1.62 million followers and 167 million views as of December 2021. She posts daily videos, vlogs, pranks, challenges, Q&A sessions, and a variety of other videos on her channel. On December 3, 2016, she uploaded her debut video to her YouTube account, titled “Hi, I’m Lena the Plug.”

In March 2017, she posted a video titled OOPS! I CALLED YOU POTATO. Which has over twenty-eight million views. She gained attention from fellow YouTubers as a result of her video. After that video went viral on YouTube and Instagram in April 2017.

She became very popular. As of December 2021. It had 1.7 million likes and almost six million views. In May 2017 she posted her first collaboration video with Alissa Violet and Nikita Dragon titled I HATE LENA THE PLUG. It got over three million views within one month after it was posted on YouTube. Later that year in September 2017 she started posting vlogs on her channel daily.

The ‘OnlyFans’ 

Lena has also created an account with the pornographic website ‘OnlyFans.’ On her account, she has 601 photographs and 149 videos. 571.9k people have liked her stuff (till December 2021). People usually pay USD 5 each month to subscribe to her channel. She also offers bulk subscription discounts.

Lena shares her most intimate moments on several social media accounts with millions of followers: Pinterest (717k followers), Instagram (556k followers), Twitter (1.2 million followers) and YouTube (1.62 million subscribers). Her daily vlogs on YouTube are watched by an average of 10,000 people per day.

Lena The Plug’s Net Worth, Car

Lena the Plug

Lena makes a decent living from her profession. She said in an interview that selling access to OnlyFans memberships and premium Snapchat earns her 95% of her revenue. YouTube videos, social media accounts, pornographic tube sites, brand partnerships, and other sources account for the remaining 5%. She was able to amass a seven-figure net worth on her own in the previous year.

Also, let me tell you that she has an Ethel-branded automobile and posts photos of it on her Instagram account. She also lives in a very opulent home. She furnished her living room with sofas, rugs, a large LED, plants, and a variety of other decorative items. Her net worth is estimated to be in the range of USD 3-4 million.

She was named as one of Britain’s wealthiest YouTube stars in 2017. She says that she makes about £1 million (about $1.3 million) annually through her business ventures. It can be said from these numbers that her net worth is in millions of dollars. According to our sources, she lives a pretty lavish lifestyle with an expensive car and many luxurious items at home including designer outfits and perfumes.

Facts about Lena the Plug

  • Also, Lena Nersesian just gave birth to her first child.
  • On YouTube, she has over 2.5 million subscribers.
  • She worked as a grocery store clerk and an Uber driver throughout her tough times.
  • Adam22 has been in a relationship with her.
  • In 2018, Lena gave an interview as a guest at TanaCon.
  • Additionally, she grew up in a strict Christian household.
  • The plug is now operational in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.
  • She has 29 years on this planet (As of 2019)
  • Lena is well-known for her controversial material and workout videos.

Other Additional Facts About Lena the Plug

  • Lena is on Instagram and Twitter, among other social media channels.
  • Her Instagram account has 2.4 million followers as of October 2019.
  • Also, TanaCon, a conference honoring video content makers, was founded by Tana Mongeau as a replacement for VidCon.
  • When the latter’s organizers refused to grant Mongeau privileges as a “featured creator” in 2017.

Lena The Plug’s Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, who is Lena the Plug?

Lena is a YouTuber, Internet celebrity, and social media sensation from the United States.

Q. 2 How old is Lena the Plug?

30 years old, to be precise (as of 2021).

Question 3: Where does Lena live?

Los Angeles, California, United States of America is the answer.

Q. 4 Who is the fiancé of Lena the Plug?

Adam Grandmaison is the answer.

Q. 5 How much money does Lena have?

USD 3-4 million is the answer (approx.).


Lena has gathered a massive following of over 556k million followers on Instagram and even more subscribers to her YouTube channel. All of these engagements have helped Lena grow an impressive net worth of $400,000 according to sources. With such a large and diverse audience, it’s easy to see why Lena has been able to build such a successful brand for herself.

Lena first rose to fame as a fashion and beauty blogger in late 2013. In December of that year, she created her YouTube channel and started making video blogs a month later. Since then, Lena has grown her following immensely by uploading 2-3 videos each week to her channel.

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