Who is Idubbbz girlfriend(Anisa Jomha)in 2021? All details you need to know

Who is Idubbbz girlfriend(Anisa Jomha)in 2021? All details you need to know

Idubbbz girlfriend. Anisa Jomha is a Youtube Streamer and Girlfriend of the Popular Content Creator IDubbbz(Ian carter).

Ian J.Carter who is famous as iDubbbz is an American YouTube personality and he is famous for various reasons. He is even a comedian and best known as the creator of the YouTube channels iDubbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames along with comedy video series content Cop, Bad unboxing and Kickstarter crap. He has more than 7.9 million and 1.38 billion.

Beginning of his career

Anisa Jomha

Ian had begun with his career with content cop series highlights other YouTube channels and along with other YouTube channels. He played the role of critiques for their content along with the owner’s behaviour on social media. This is how he had begun with his passion which has become his profession. Since the beginning, he was very much dedicated to his work and he was very much enthusiastic about things.

Who is Ian Carter(Idubbbz)?

Ian Carter was born on 27th July in 1990, in San Antonio, Texas United States of America and he got recognition for his iDubbbz and today he has become a YouTube personality. There are many things that brought him popularity for releasing videos.

There is much to know about him and he even owns a number of YouTube channels the list includes numerous comedy shows. He has really great fan following and millions of subscribers to his channel and this got even attracted over a billion views.

About Ian carter Content Cop

Anisa Jomha

He has not shared much about his family and that is why it is very little is known about his family and even his childhood. He although in many interviews told about his childhood days and journey.  When he had begun with his career he began with ‘Content Cop’ and by that time, he did not know that this series will get this much famous and popular.

People gave this series so much love and appreciation and on the other hand, along with this, he began with other series too. So it was also surprising for him because he was just working hard for each channel and whatever he was doing by that time. There are several people who have even noticed his works and they appreciated that but also became a fan of his works.

About Ian carter childhood

He has stated many times that it was his childhood when he had made up his mind that he has to go to a creative filed. This was the reason he always got indulged in the things he wanted to and unlike other children. He lived most of the time alone and indulged in the creative filed and uplifted his life.

Life is full of opportunities and those how really mean it, find their ways. As a child, I was exposed to various things and it helped me to even improve my qualities of life. So I love my childhood days and everything related to that. So life was full of wonder and bets days when earning was so beautiful and it was indeed enjoyable.

Controversies and Feuds

Ian carter girlfriend

When his series ‘Content cop’ got released it was against DramaAlert’s Keemstar, this channel also has lost of website and it is also popular in its way.  Then this news popped out that Keem is in the bad habit of threatening other YouTubers or even accusing other YouTube channels of hiding something.

He is even a person who is known for rash decisions and he even made a lot of decisions full of regrets.  But the reaction of keen was nothing and he chose to ignore this, while he was asked he said he does not want to react to this. He has even apologized for the incidents and to the people who would have any problem because of him.

The controversy although, is still the same and going on but they only pretend that they do not like it. So while these things were going on Ian appeared on idubbbz in a VIP meet and greeted session with Tana. There were many controversies related to him and him time to time gets indulged in the things.

Recent projects of Ian carter and Idubbbz girlfriend (Anisa Jomha)

In the year 2017, YouTuber Rice Gum has made a statement in a video that he is looking for the ‘Content Cop’. Currently, he is working on several of the projects and even done many projects. He has even released many projects on his music video for a track that is also known as ‘Asian Jake Paul’ and this found it’s releasing with the musician and YouTuber Boyinaband. Currently, he is focusing on multiple projects and they all mean to him because he is working hard. When you see his videos you get to see several of the things. 

About Ian carter personal life

About his personal life, he said although, there are many people who know about his life he likes keeping his life private. But he has shared some pictures with his girlfriend Anisa jomha and currently he is not in a relationship with Anisha Jomha, and she is famous for going under the online moniker raihabowKidz, since 2016.

Anisha has embarked on streaming the video game ‘League of legends’  and she is also known for various things like IRL (In Real Life) and this streams in which she talks to her viewers. She is a famous name for several reasons.

Idubbbz girlfriend(Anisha Jomha)Wiki

Anisa jomha

Anisha Jomha, who was born on June 25th in 1993 is a comedian YouTube Content creator, online streamer. She is even famous for being social media personality from Edmonton, Alberta. However, her name is linked up with iDubbbz (American YouTube Personality and Comedian). Ian Carter is her boyfriend and everyone knows him today, he is a famous name.  Ian Carter has even a YouTube channel ‘iDubbbzTV’ with over 7.97 million subscribers.  

Anisha began her career with online streaming and this gave her tremendous recognition and today, she has become a famous name in the gaming industry because of her Twitch channels. She even owns a YouTube channel with the first name ‘Anisha’. 

She has more than 107,000 subscribers and it is not a constant process of increasing. By the time she had joined it was very fewer people but then all of sudden, she rose to fame and name. She has even joined the platform back on March 19th in 2015. The very first video of her was ‘Raihnbowkidz’ on OMEGLE (sexy dancing inc).  This even came out on 1st September 2015.

The lifestyle of Anisa jomha, boyfriend and romantic affairs

 Idubbbz girlfriend

Though she had also begun her career very early and she became a personality of YouTube and with time she even got popularity and recognition. It was the time when she began dating her boyfriend iDubbbz a few years back. Anisha in her interviews has even said that when she came into a relationship it was because of the feeling of boredom and this was the time when she decided that she should maybe try a relationship, so she came. Now she is Idubbbz girlfriend.

But when she came she never had thought that it would be nicer and beautiful to be in a relationship. Even she came out of boredom but Anisa jomha says that she has learnt much about him and she genuinely started liking him but she is not sure how long this relationship would go. Anisa jomha is a personality who is more open and free than other ones, and when she had come into a relationship with Ian Carter.

She remained honest throughout the time and shared everything with her fans. She is currently working on her dreams and busy with her career, Anisha said, she does not only want to stick to one thing. In fact, she wants to work upon her career too so that she would find out her ways easily.

Idubbbz girlfriend Anisa jomha Relationship –

Ian carter and Anisa jomha

Actually, they share a beautiful relationship and people can enjoy things. They share of course a good bond together and they just and want to talk this much about their relationship, they just want to know each other and understand each other.

They want to understand this fact that, whether they are really up to that they can handle their relationship further or not. How they want to take their relationship and how well they want to work upon this relationship, all these matters, that is why we are taking time to understand each other.

On the other hand, we have also decided that we want to focus on our dreams; we want to work upon our dreams this is the right time to work upon our dreams.  That is why we are investing our time in that, although whenever we find out the time, we like to share with each other we talk about each other, we talk about everything which is around us, so this is this way.

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

He had begun with this YouTube channel on the 17th of August but at that time he did not upload any video until the 30th of august. He has even started with the channel uploading gameplays and later he found many things to experiment with. The very first video of him was ‘Overgrowth’ and he posted this video of the holiday part of growth.

When he had posted this video there were several views on it because people had really liked it for several reasons. So that is how he began uploading videos with continuity and people even liked it. They appreciated his works and with time, he even started getting recognition and people really liked him for several reasons. After then, there were experiments and anyone could definitely have begun following him for his contents and he had created his new fans following.

Ian carter girlfriend

This is how he began with recognition and his content even added so much fun into his life. Ian carter then began with another series of gaming and he named that ‘Bad Unboxing’ and here he used to open up mails of fans and this mail included stuff like weird gifts and hate mails. However, this whole thing was quite an exciting and natural thing. But after then everyone knows that his many series came out and it all was quite a fun and a wonderful time to enjoy life.

Reasons that make IDubbbz TV So special –

Since he began uploading his videos on YouTube fans have become gaga over him and he made a special place in heart of people. It was an early age, Ian made his name a known name where people believed in his content and where people really liked his works and appreciated his work ethic.

Actually, this online business is all about content and Ian carter has really good contents on whatever topic he works upon. However, in many of his interviews, we have seen him saying that he agrees on the fact that; ‘he is good with and humour’ and the perfect combination of both and good at creating the hilarious thing.

This is also the reason that people like watching his videos; and with time he really worked hard to create a good number of contents. He then gave priority to his videos and worked upon making different types of videos; that people can like and enjoy having a good time. So hi every video represents something different and shows even. He is brilliant with his works and he is best with whatever he is doing.

Idubbbz girlfriend Anisa Jomha Live streaming

Idubbbz girlfriend ,Ian carter girlfriend

Along with his good quality videos but on the other hand, he is even good with his looks; and he has really a handsome height that crosses six feet. He really has a great number of fan following; especially he has a female fan following who are so crazy after his personality too.

Ian carter feels blessed and grateful for whatever love and appreciation he is getting from people; who today have become his family. Actually, he even gives equal response and respect to his fans as they give him. He has a lot to share about his journey and he loves much about this journey and everything he has learnt about it.

On YouTube, there are both kinds of people ‘some people spread negativity and some spread positivity’; so YouTube becomes a responsibility where you can make yourself comfortable or uncomfortable. This journey was not like other ones but it was a journey where I have learnt a lot about myself and what I really want.

 Although, there are several of the reason why this one is favourite of millions of people today; along with video there are several of the things which attract people towards these things.

Idubbbz girlfriend Anisa Jomha As Inspiration

IDubbbz took a few years to reach this place and this took lots of hard work; when he had begun with this it took lots of efforts to become like this. That is how this whole effort also took lots of patience; that is how he completed this journey and reached this place.

There are lots of people who have shown immense love even during the time of hard work and tough time. But this actually helped me to reach and cover this mile. Actually, iDubbbz has become the soul and heart of people. Ian Carter has made everything famous by working so hard; today people just do not enjoy his content but they have even so much trust and faith in it.

This is his hard work which he did consistently and worked for it with all his heart and soul. He says there was a time when he wanted to give up but then there was something that stopped him; kept him going on and it helped him to achieve something great in his life. But for that matter, he has even worked his heart and soul and did a good job. Today people enjoy his content and work and they have even appreciated his work and want to achieve something great.

Current projects of Idubbbz girlfriend –

 Idubbbz girlfriend

There is a number of projects which is going on but he just wanted to keep them confidential. But he is working so hard on them and when the right time would come; he would definitely want to share along with them. So there are so many things on the plate to discover; there are so many things he is still looking forward to working upon them.

On the other hand, there is so much to work upon, many projects are offered to him; but he would like to think about them, then only they would start. There are in fact so many things to do but he cannot solely focus on all but surely he would choose a few among them; and work upon them and they all are so wonderful.

Although he is in a relationship currently, he really wants to focus on his work; and that is why he is working hard for this and only giving much time to this. It is his precious time and he wants to focus on the right thing; focus on only a good project that is why he is choosing them carefully. There are although, so many things and he would like to work upon them and look to them carefully.

Currently, he has so many offers and he has his own projects too and he is taking care of both of them. And he cannot take the risk for this and this is why he is so much serious about it; wants to take care of everything. Though, when the right time will come he would definitely reveal everything and he is just waiting for them. At first, he would decide about that and then he would like to reveal it.

A special message by Idubbbz girlfriend (Anisa Jomha) for the young ones, dreamers

Idubbbz girlfriend Anisa jomha

There are actually so many people who need to listen to a few things; they must know that it is only a life which you member and know exist’. Make your life worth watching and becoming an inspiration in so many ways; do not forget that if you forget yourself you never get to learn to love yourself.

There is only one life so if you really believe that you want to become what you want; you need to assure that you really can do that. When you confirm that you need t work upon them constantly, to make that happen for you. Young minds invest most of their time in the wrong place, and that is where they lack; they need to work upon the things they like that are the only thing that would help them.

When they learn to invest their time in themselves then they surely get the right path. So the young mind should be busy with themselves than others.

So those who are really serious about their dreams, goals need to work upon that consistently without giving any thoughts. Consistent is something which no one can earn but all have to practise it; it might even take time but they need to be consistent with any of their dreams. This is the only thing which can bring them whatever they want. Work hard and do not forget there will be times full of tough situations, but you need to consistently work upon them.

Last word on Idubbbz girlfriend (Anisa Jomha)

There are so various of the things which people like about iDubbz and there are also various of the things which are so beautiful about this. That is why a kind of trust is there in the heart of people for this and they even like Ian carter and his work.

They want him to grow even more, so if you want to know more about him, stay connected with us. We are here with all his current status and you can even download all the pictures and everything. We are here to offer everything in one place, this becomes so easy; and you can go and download his entire picture, videos and know his whereabouts.

You can even follow Idubbbz girlfriend Anisa Jomha, She is an active social media personality; you can follow him on his social media account. Or you can stay for every information for us.

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