How did Ozuna get famous? Bio, Career, Wife, Songs, and Albums

How did Ozuna get famous? Bio, Career, Wife, Songs, and Albums


Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado (born March 13, 1992), known professionally as Ozuna, is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. He began his career by uploading videos on YouTube, where he eventually amassed a following; this led to him being signed by Sony Music Latin in 2012. 

Ozuna Biography / Wiki

Ozuna was born on March 13, 1992 in Puerto Rico. He is a celebrity singer who has a net worth of $4 million. That net worth comes from his three studio albums, La Familia No Se Toca, Odisea, and Aura. Born on March 13, 1992, in Puerto Rico United States. He is also known as The King of Urbano. Now Ozuna’s estimated net worth is approximately 4 million USD (2017). He started making money by singing professionally at age 13. In addition to music Ozuna also supports several social causes through charity work.

His debut album was called Odisea. The first hit off of that album was Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere. Ozuna followed up that album with his second one called La Familia No Se Toca. He has a huge following of over 22 million Instagram followers and over 4 million Facebook fans. In addition to music, He also supports several social causes through charity work. His YouTube channel has 35 million Subscribers.

Who is Ozuna?

He is a Puerto Rican singer. Ozuna is a songwriter, record producer, and entrepreneur. He is also a member of Los Yeyos, a reggaeton band. In 2005 He was discovered by his producer at that time named Oscar El Father Hernández to work for him. As a backup singer for various artists. They later got their solo careers including Wisin & Yandel, Manny Manuel, and Tito El Bambino.

In 2013 he released his first single titled Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere. In 2014 he released two singles El Farsante and La Ocasion. Both songs topped Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay chart. His debut studio album Odisea debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart in 2015. 

Early life

In 2010 Ozuna’s career began when he signed a record deal with Pina Records. He was featured on Daddy Yankee’s song Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere. On December 19, 2013, Ozuna released his first studio album called O’Futuro. His second studio album Odisea was released in 2015. The single Se Preparó peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and number 2 on the Billboard Tropical Songs chart.

He won four awards at Premio Lo Nuestro 2016 including Urban Artist of the Year. Collaboration of the Year for Si No Te Quiere featuring Arcángel & De La Ghetto. Video of The Year for Si No Te Quiere featuring Arcángel & De La Ghetto and Song of The Year for Se Preparó. On May 27, 2017, He released his third studio album titled Aura which peaked at number one on both US Top Latin Albums and Top Rap Albums charts. His fourth studio album Vibras was released in 2018.

Family Life

Ozuna is a family man and has never been seen in public with another woman or girl. He has shown on his Instagram that he’s a great father, who loves to spend time with his kids. Whether it is taking them to school or just spending quality time together at home. His son Jacob has appeared in some of his music videos such as Tu Foto and Nunca Voy an Olvidarte. He is also very protective of his family and always makes sure they are safe from harm.

Ozuna is an only child to his parents but he has several other family members such as his grandmothers and uncle. He loves spending time with them and has been on many trips with them including to Colombia. Where he received an award for some of his songs. He will often post pictures of him hanging out with his family on Instagram or Twitter showing how much he cares about them.

Ozuna Wife


He said in an Instagram post that he had been dating Melendez for eight years. In a story posted on Instagram, Melendez said he wanted to have a wife and also wanted to have a daughter, and a son Melendez.

Melendez has been dubbed “Ozuna’s wife” in a series of articles for Latin American society since the day she met him. However, they had never been married before and never thought about it.

He told himself that Melendez could not make a name for himself without his help. “When I met you, I only had $ 40 in my wallet, no tools, nothing but my heart to give you. Thank you for wiping away my tears and making me happy!” he said.

Although he is widely known in the LatinX community, which enjoys His music, this year could be a year of “break” for his mainstream. Speaking to Jonas Brothers on the Jingle Ball Y100, he promised audiences in Miami and assured his fans that he would be able to take everything to a new level. He will succeed with Melendez, so congratulations to the happy couple.

Ozuna Children

On January 2, 2019, He and his second baby mama, Vanessa Ponce have a daughter called Sophia Ozuna Melendez who was born. Her birth came after they had already broken up before she was born.

In 2017 He posted a picture with her new daughter on social media and said: Hey world my love for you is unconditional. He later claimed he couldn’t get mad because he looks like her. It’s been rumored that He has another child from a previous relationship but there’s no information about it.

Ozuna Height / Weight / Age

He is bilingual and has performed in both English and Spanish-language songs. Recently, as a sign of respect for his roots (and heritage), he has decided to only sing in Spanish. He stands 1.65 meters tall and weighs a healthy 60 kg. His real name is Omar Ocasio. Fans call him el Peligro de la vega (which means something like the danger from Vega).

Ozuna Education

He attended a public school in Bayamon. He also studied at Colegio La Piedad in Toa Baja from first to sixth grade. When he was 11 years old, his parents moved to Santurce where he joined Academia Avancemos. He graduated high school when he was 15 years old. Later that year, He enrolled at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon on a scholarship from Chayanne. He left college in 2012 but later returned to finish his degree in 2016.

Ozuna attended SAE Institute in New York City to learn English while he was living there. It’s unclear when exactly he attended but it is likely to have been between 2005-and 2006. He told Interview Magazine in 2018 that he had been going to school during that time. After his move back to Puerto Rico in 2006, He later moved back to New York. Where he enrolled at LaGuardia Community College between 2008-and 2010. He most likely took classes in accounting and computer programming. While studying there, although it isn’t clear what specific classes or major, he studied at that time.


  • Despite his growing fame, He still has some time for hobbies.
  • He’s very passionate about soccer. Growing up in Puerto Rico in a family of musicians encouraged him to explore various types of music including reggaeton.
  • Outside of music and sports, he enjoys relaxing with friends or spending time with his wife and kids.
  • Most recently he bought a puppy that is frequently featured on his Instagram account.
  • It’s clear that despite all of his success he still hasn’t forgotten.
  • Where he came from and makes sure to maintain close relationships with those who have been there through thick and thin.

Favorite Things

  • When it comes to music, He has a lot of favorite things about it.
  • Music for him is an art that helps people relax and forget about their problems.
  • It is also a beautiful way to connect with others from all around his native Puerto Rico as well as other places in Latin America.
  • He enjoys singing as well as reading poetry whenever he can find some free time from family life and work.
  • Ozuna’s favorite thing about being on stage is interacting with fans and hearing them sing along to his songs.



Imaginando was the first song he wrote. In 2014, he signed with Golden Family Records. Between 2014 and 2015, He released about 30 songs. His first success in 2015 was “Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere”. It spread on the radio and gained popularity in Latin America.

Together with Dj Luian, Mambo Kingz, De La Getto, Arcangel, and Anuel AA, he became more popular with the song “La Occasion”. The song “Dile Que Tu Me Quieres” ranks 13th on the Billboard charts. Other songs from 2016 include remixes of Arcangel & Farruko on En La Intimidad and Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere.


His first studio album, Odysseus, was released in August 2017 by VP Records Corp / Dimelo Vi. Supported by the Odyssey Tour, which began on May 26, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. The album took first place in the charts of the best albums in Latin America. Among the guests – were Jay Balvin, Anuel AA, and De La Ghetto.

The most popular are Te Vas and Tu Foto. Both Te Vas and Tu Foto have been viewed more than 690 million times on YouTube. He and Yandel collaborated on the 2017 remake of Dile Que Tu Me Quieres. Natti Natasha and Se Preparo and Criminal are the other two songs of 2017. He received the award as the best revolutionary performer at the Premios Juventud Awards 2017.

Ozuna’s second studio album, Aura, was released in August of that year. He took 1st place in the Latin American charts and 7th on the Billboard 200. Other great songs by Manuel Turizon are “Unica”, “Me Dijeron”. we “War Lodge”. It will include songs such as “Baila”, “Cama Vacia” and “Luz Apaga”.

Ozuna Before Fame

Ozuna’s fame began in 2016 when he immediately released his smash track No Quiere Enamorarse Remix in March of 2016. The track was a success in both Mexico and South America, earning Him over 70 million views on YouTube. This helped him to gain exposure throughout Latin America. 

In August of 2016, he released his single La Modelo which peaked at number 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Song chart. Shortly after becoming a musical sensation in Latin America, He released his first full-length album Odisea which was an enormous success.

Net worth

According to 2019 estimates, Juan has an estimated net worth of 15 million dollars. In recent years he’s social media popularity has fueled much of his income growth.

His YouTube channel alone contains over 300 million views across total videos. Reggaeton dominates at 57 million while trap also ranks high at 9 million views. Additionally, He appears as one of many artists in Maroon 5’s Girls Like Your music video.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozuna’s name?

Ozuna (Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado) is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer and songwriter who has set numerous records. Out of respect for his daughter, he makes positive, inspiring songs that urge others to strive toward their goals while avoiding the use of profanity. With the tune “La Occasion,” he broke big in 2016.

How tall is Ozuna?

He stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

What is Ozuna’s net worth?

He is estimated to be worth $15 million. This sum is the result of his prominent involvement in the entertainment business.

Where does Ozuna live?

He has not revealed his exact house address for security concerns. If we get the location and photographs of his home, we will promptly update this information.

Is Ozuna living or dead?

He is still alive and well. He hasn’t been unwell or had any health problems, according to reports.

Where is Ozuna now?

He is one of the most successful reggaeton artists in the United States.


Ozuna’s rise to fame began in 2014 with the release of his first official single De La Ghetto featuring Daddy Yankee. A year later he released a collaboration with Bryant Myers called La Ocasion. He finally broke through when his song Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere reached number one on the Billboard Latin Airplay chart in 2017.

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