Here are my top 15 reasons why you should move to Mexico.

Here are my top 15 reasons why you should move to Mexico.

I moved from the US to Mexico. Here are my top 13 reasons why you should move too!

  • Better food, better healthcare, and better overall quality of living. Need I say more? 
  • My mind, body, and soul were simply craving warmer temperatures, and I’ve never felt better!
  • With the world embracing remote work, I can now work from anywhere for anyone!

On one of my trips to Cancun, my husband and I decided to stay in a quaint little AirBnB located in an equally quaint little village along the Mexican coastline known as Puerto Morelos.

After a week of dipping my toes in the sand, eating fresh, locally grown food from the farmers market, and the moderate climate, I realized this was the closest I had gotten to living my best life. One that I was not living back home. Cold temperatures and constant shoveling of snow were just not helping. I just craved a life that would let me enjoy life, nature, and culture all at once. This is what made us make the big move to Mexico. 

Here are my top 15 reasons why you should consider when moving to Mexico from USA.

Endless beaches equal endless fun 

Depending on where you move, Mexico has some of the best waters for you to bask and swim in all year long. With subliminal coastlines that kiss the Pacific, Atlantic, and Caribbean. The state of Quintana Roo is one of the top destinations that come to mind when you plan a dream vacation in the Caribbean. Home to the 2nd largest reef in the world, Quintana Roo is an aquaphile’s paradise dotted with azul cenotes, turquoise beaches, and other fascinating bodies of water.

We are huge fans of the warmer weather

While this isn’t true for all of Mexico, the state of Quintana Roo has year-round sun-kissed weather for the most part. You may want to move towards Tijuana for warm and dry summers and cooler winters, similar to that in California. In Playa Del Carmen, where we live, temperatures are in the sweet average of the 80s. 

We get to travel more, spend less on our expenses, and may even consider an early retirement

We always knew the cost of living would be better but didn’t realize how much better and lower it would get until we moved to Mexico. Nowhere in the US can you dream of tropical weather and a low cost of living in the same sentence. We are home cooks, and that means we just save even more than the average ex-pat. 

Tacos Forever! Need we say more?!

Even when we were back in the US, our family obsessed over Mexican food, hosted Taco Tuesdays and treated ourselves to conchas over croissants every morning! And Mexican food in Mexico, being the OG and all, is a foodie’s heaven on earth.

You want culture. You got a lot of it! 

Merida is the safest city in Mexico, with Playa Del Carmen not far behind. A little 3-hour road trip is all it takes to visit the UNESCO world heritage site “Chichen Itza,” with plenty of Yucatan heritage to observe along the way. Of course, we’re only scratching the surface here with the Yucatan Peninsula. There is so much more as you go further into Central Mexico. 

Our social circle expanded, and the people are friendly

Have you ever met a Mexican who wasn’t nice? We found it easy to expand our social circle and make new friends. It also helps that they are naturally very friendly, easy-going people, regardless of which part of Mexico they are from. 

Mexico is a healthy mix of city life and nature

Playa Del Carmen is literally a hop, skip, and jump away from Cancun, one of the biggest destinations for city and nightlife in the world. This doesn’t mean that other cities in Mexico are any less. Most major cities in Mexico have access to the best parks, shops, and restaurants. Likewise, the country is dotted with plenty of diverse topography to explore. 

Experience outdoors like never before

If you’re someone who breathes on outdoor activities, Mexico has tons to get your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping. Not only do you get life to your heart’s content with tons of water sports, such as scuba diving or snorkeling in the Meso-American Reef. You can also explore unique places, such as the protected Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, where you have a wonderful chance to observe wildlife up close in their habitat, or visit the pink lakes of Las Coloradas for the perfect Instagram-able moment. 

My health has never been better. Thanks to better and affordable healthcare!

Besides sun and food, the medical care in Mexico is simply better and available to us at a significantly lower cost. I have had my concerns disregarded many a time back in the US. In Mexico, I never have to worry about discussing my concerns with my doctor or getting the right treatment without spending an arm or a leg. 

I am always only a drive or a short 5-hour flight back to the US. 

Despite all this, there are times when I want to go back to the US because I still have family back there and simply because I miss some of our old friends and neighbors. If being away from the US is your concern, just know that it is only a short flight back. If taking a flight is not your thing, you can always do the good ol’ American road trip!

With remote work, I can work out of any place in the world, and there’s no place I’d rather be than Mexico. 

The pandemic certainly took a toll on humanity. On the bright side, companies opened up to more remote work opportunities. This made it possible for my husband and me to consider our move. With remote work options, we can now work from literally anywhere in the world, and for us, that meant moving to Mexico from usa.

Many of our friends who moved from the US became entrepreneurs and investors.

From real estate to tech, Mexico is a hot hub for opportunities and growth. Many ex-pats find it easier to build a better life in Mexico for this reason. We have met so many ex-pat friends who moved from the US like us and became investors in tech or started their own companies.

There are several others like us, so we are never alone.

Mexico is home to many ex-pats. There are people from all over the world, especially America and Canada, which is great for us since we never feel like we’re away from the US. The large ex-pat community gives us plenty of opportunities to make friends.


To conclude, we simply love our decision to move to Mexico from the US. There is no looking back. Thanks to warm, sunny beaches, affordable living, and great healthcare, we found our forever home here in Mexico. We highly recommend Mexico as a great place for retirement or if you’re a remote worker simply seeking a change in your life.

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