How to Register and Eran Money with Eehhaaa? Latest Updates 2022

How to Register and Eran Money with Eehhaaa? Latest Updates 2022

How can you make money with the Eehhaaa app? What is Eehhaaa advertisement? Step by Step Guide of Registration and Login.


Eehhaaa is a great revenue-generating advertising platform. It is the most reliable, secure, and dependable platform. Viewing ads, pages, and browsing are just a few ways to make money. The payment is almost certain. It is the best way to make extra money on the internet.

Joining Eehhaaa is free and it only takes a few minutes. It is based on a click model. This means that you will be charged when you click or view some of your ads.

The opportunity to get a new salary by clicking online every day is being introduced. Users can earn extra money by displaying ads on this platform or by sorting ad links and ads.

It is well known to everyone who has used this advertising platform that most are fraudulent or counterfeit. These sites can be visited for days or even months, but they never pay off.

We provide detailed information about a real advertising platform where you can make money by viewing ads. “” is the name of this advertising platform.

What is

It is a social media app that allows you to connect with your friends and find new people who have similar interests or personalities.

You can create your profile, where you’ll have space to describe what you’re interested in and share pictures with your friends.

The app is intended for users 18 years of age or older; so there’s no official registration page specifically for minors; instead, simply log in using your e-mail address.

It has quickly become the most popular social network in Iran, with tens of millions of users already signed up. Its users have been very vocal in the network, with tens of thousands of discussions taking place every day and hundreds of thousands of comments being posted every hour on every topic under the sun.

However, as interest in the site grows around the world; not everyone is familiar with Eehhaaa’s features and how to use them efficiently. In this article, we explain how to register, log in, and navigate around Eehhaaa without too much hassle.

How to Install Eehhaaa?

Once you’ve installed Eehhaaa and created your account; you’ll want to customize your profile so others can learn more about you.

This can be as simple as filling out a few fields and uploading a headshot, or as in-depth as writing a bio detailing your past accomplishments and posting a collage of pictures showcasing your best moments over time.

Additionally, all profiles have an Interests section where you can specify what catches your eye or helps keep you awake at night.

if someone else lists similar things, then their name will appear on your notifications menu so you know who to reach out to if there’s an intersection between those interests and those of other people who follow you.

How to Download Eehhaaa?

It is a fantastic ad platform for generating revenue. It is the most dependable, secure, and trustworthy platform. Viewing advertising, accessing pages, and recommending are just a few of the methods to generate money. The payouts are virtually instantaneous. It is the finest way to earn some additional cash on the internet.

Eehhaaa is completely free to join, and it just takes a few minutes to do so. It is built on the Paid-to-Click model. This means you’ll be compensated if you click on or view adverts from particular sponsors.

Every day, new venues for making money through pay-per-click are launched on the internet. Users may earn extra money by showing adverts or evaluating links and advertisements from advertisers on Eehhaaa platforms.

A Step-by-Step Guide:

Downloading online content is often a slow, cumbersome process. While it’s becoming easier to stream shows, music, and movies on smartphones and tablets, downloading for other devices such as laptops and desktop computers remains problematic because of ISPs throttling data speeds.

Whether or not you believe these ISPs are at fault, there are ways to download with less hassle so you can get your stuff faster without exceeding your ISP’s data caps.

How To Register Eehhaaa?


To use it, you must first register with your local government information card or a nationally recognized passport.

Follow these steps

  1. Choose Register from the upper-right corner of the Eehhaaa website.
  2. Enter your phone number and passcode in appropriate fields and click on Continue.
  3. Fill out the required form and check I accept the Terms of Service box at bottom of the page (if not already checked).
  4. Select either Finished Registration if you’ve already had an account or New User – Start Here if it’s your first time using this software
  5. Complete form with name, address, etc.
  6. Check that your information is correct and click Submit Form
  7. Copy and paste confirmation code from the email into the text field and click Confirm Account
  8. Once you have successfully registered for a new account, navigate to My Settings -> Account in the upper-right corner of the website
  9. Open the drop-down menu next to Username on the left side of the page and select Update Profile
  10. Enter desired username, password (may be different than existing), and submit
  11. Enter desired personal information such as full name, date of birth, city, state/province/region
  12. Make sure to check all fields including any custom profile fields which may be available
  13. Change password
  14. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom right
  15. Your account is now ready for use.

How do I log in?

  • The easiest way to register is via your Facebook or Gmail account. Make sure that you have a valid email address, then enter in your name and create a password (try using a combination of letters and numbers).
  • You can register as yourself or as someone else (if you’re shopping for a gift).
  • The My Account section also allows you to turn features like News Feeds on/off and manage password retrieval options so that no one has access to your account.
  • Remember to never share your username and password with anyone.

How can you make money with the Eehhaaa app?

Two ways to make money are available:

  • Advertisers make money
  • As viewers, you can earn money

Earn Money as Advertisers

Knowing your target audience and the market will help you know what language to use in your marketing materials; and who should be involved in writing copy that will resonate with your customers.

Choose an audience or create a persona: First, choose one target audience or create a persona (one fictional person based on research) who can represent your ideal customer.

The ideal customer for your business will share some characteristics with your target audience. These similarities may not always be entirely physical; but might also include their likes and dislikes and how they spend their time.

Guaranteed viewing audience

Reach your target audience with a guaranteed number of views from our advertisement products. From simple banners to videos, you can make sure your advertisement reaches a large audience at an affordable price.

By choosing quality advertisements that you would like to see on Facebook; it will increase overall engagement and will thus help people remember you better as well.

As Facebook continues to grow rapidly in India, so does our marketplace for business owners looking for ways to advertise their product or service on Facebook with a variety of adverts available, we are confident that we can support every one of your advertising needs.

Target your audience

Before you spend a lot of time working on your registration and login forms; make sure you’ve done a good job of understanding who your customers are and what they want.

If you don’t know much about them, it’s easy to design something that may not be useful for them or won’t be used at all.

Asking for information when someone is trying to buy from you can slow down conversion and turn people away from returning in the future.

This can happen because people don’t trust you or feel confused by multiple requests; ultimately losing sales as a result of friction during checkout.

Analyze Data

Once you’ve registered and set up your profile, it’s important to get a sense of what kind of traffic you’re getting so you can evaluate how well your campaigns are doing.

One way to track your progress is to use Google Analytics, which allows you to view how many page views you’ve had in a certain period and see where those views came from (search engines, direct traffic, referral traffic).

If your social media isn’t bringing in much traffic at all or worse, if it’s pulling viewers away from your site; you’ll want to take some steps to make that channel more successful for you. Otherwise, keep measuring and improving until things reach their peak performance.

As a Viewer, Earn Money


Users on Eehhaaa will be able to use their smartphones for activities like streaming music and shopping online; among other things, and will earn monetary rewards for every task completed. 

Also, if you want to make money on Eehhaaa by becoming a viewer; you’ll need to register a new account named ‘Viewers.’ There are two extra options for viewers to earn money:

  • Advertisements to keep an eye on
  • Make a friend referral

Advertisements to watch

Promote your event or website with paid advertisements on YouTube or other websites. Another option is to get your company’s name out there with a sponsored post on an influential social media page like Twitter or Facebook.

If you choose to write your own sponsored post, make sure it does more than just plug your business; let readers know something about you and what makes you different from other companies.

Finally, don’t underestimate email marketing when it comes to online promotion it may seem outdated in today’s world of digital promos, but an email newsletter sent out periodically can drive traffic back to your website and keep customers coming back for updates even when you’re not running special promotions or events.

Referring friends

Everyone loves earning rewards, and one way you can do that with Eehhaaa is by referring friends to register. If someone clicks your referral link and registers; you’ll earn a 30% discount on all ads they buy within 60 days of registering

Once they make their first purchase, you will also receive a 30% discount on any ads bought for 120 days. The more friends you refer and help out with, the more money you’ll save and make.

It’s super easy to make referrals with Eehhaaa, and you can do it from two different places; from your account or from another one that you are a manager of.

From your account, click on Invite Friends in your navigation bar; and enter either an email address or mobile number for someone you want to refer.

Furthermore, if you choose an email address, we’ll send out a personalized invitation directly; if you provide a mobile number, we will text them a link they can use to create their account.

Benefits of an ad on

  • An ad on Eehhaaa is not just an ad. 
  • You will be able to see your ad next to listings directly related to your ad’s keywords and categories you Also, selected when purchasing your ad.
  • People searching for products and services advertised on Eehhaaa click on those relevant ads (directly under search results) more frequently, resulting in more traffic for advertisers with Google AdWords PPC ads.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I get rid of ads on my profile?

There’s no way to disable ads on profiles directly; but there is a simple solution: just log in to one of your blogs/sites and earn some money with us.


Finally, creating an account on Eehhaaa is free and takes only a few seconds. Also, remember to save a copy of your wallet file in a safe place to prevent yourself from any unforeseen issues which could result in you losing access to your wallet or money.

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