Huniepop 2 double date game 2021 – Characters and All Details

Huniepop 2 double date game 2021 – Characters and All Details

Exciting New Features, Characters, Requirments for Huniepop 2 Game. Now you can Increase the power of Affection, Making your Character more Powerful.

Right now, exploring through games is being a choice by all the people out there because due to this covid-19 situation or staying at home and seems like there is nothing interesting happening in their life. At that moment, choosing out the games can be the choice. Recently according to research, most people have downloaded HuniePop 2.

If you are someone who has no idea about this exotic HuniePop 2 game, then don’t worry because here we are sharing all the details of this ultimate game so that you can easily be a part of it and play it accordingly.

Introduction to HuniePop 2:

HuniePop 2 is basically a trip to an exotic island paradise. You might feel like that is how a game can be turned into a trip, but this is the truth where you will have an encounter with new steamy adventures, and the sequel is quite common around. It is an era of darkness and destruction near the ancient evil of limitless lechery. 

Basically, it is an adult game, so it is right to choose that no kid can get. It was published by HuniePot, and ao is its name HuniePop. However, It is on the same sequel as the original HuniePop 2, so you will be able to play the same protagonist. It was released on February 8, 2021.

It is a plot where two cosmic creatures are there who are awoken from their slumber by the period. You will be awakened before them, and it happens that you need to please them sexually. Extra fairy wings are required for doing so, and this will be earned in three ways to make a volcano erupt. A user needs to be sure that how they will going to be a part of it because being a double date game, this has a lot to explore.

New features of Huniepop 2:

Huniepop 2

As we have mentioned that you will have an encounter with the same as HuniePop 2 as it is the sequel. You need to be sure about the new features integrated into the same. The new features are really very good to enjoy. These are as follows:-

Double dates:

Double dates and threesomes are included in the same. As the name suggests, we are sure you might be able to know about it. It clearly means that you will be a part of a date where two fellows available to treat you. It is totally on the user which one they want with them to be a part of this journey.

Switch as your choice:

When two girls are available, a player is all set to switch between both of them during the date. Both of them are full of affection, and there is one available to complete the date. It clearly means that it is on you that which you’ll wish to choose and both of them are so attractive that you would not like to drop any of them. Switching between girls is very easy, and it needs to do the right click for the same.

Each girl has exclusive features:

If you are someone who doesn’t wish to compromise with features, don’t worry because every girl comes up with their own stamina and sentiment m. The moves will be universal, and you will be able to see their qualities. Their exclusive features make you fall for them, and you can easily make the choice of which one you wish to have for the date.

Sentiment can be build up accordingly:

If you wish to build up some sentiment before going on a date, the option is available as in the previous version. Adding to it, this can be built with passion. Just after purchasing specific food items from the shop, you are all set to make it.

The outfit needs to be decided:

When a player is entering into the database is ending with a CG, it will be forced to CG to display the output from the date. At the same has not been happened, then the outfit for the location will be selected.

Paring for each girl:

In the game, you will encounter the fact that each girl comes up with a paring. This is with their CG. The CG will be obtained after two dates with the pairing.

The number of moves in Huniepop 2 can be limited:

Thanks to the new stamina feature that allows the user to make the number of moves is limited. It indicates that on you, there is a limitation imposed which help you to understand how many moves you are ready to take. Some moves can be regained after every move on the other girl, and they need to match out the new stamina tokens. Certain moves may also affect the stamina lost and gained on the dates, so be prepared for it as well.


Talking about the rewards after completing each date then these are replaced for Munie and hunie., Instead of the fruit seeds are added. These can be used to buy movies from the store, and also, a person can give to the girl that will level up the traits of affection. For each trait, there are 5 levels, and a player needs to cross them all for it.

Shoes as a new gift:

Shoes are added as a new and unique gift, which increases the amount of fruit a player can get after completing the date. For every girl, there is four unique pair of shoes available. The shoes are according to the style level, and in total, there are 9 levels included. The unique gift themselves will kill increase the level of passion to the maximum level. The baggage can be a constant effect for everyone, which gradually unlock as a player plays. Therefore make sure you understand about it as well.

Date gifts will split:

As some of the gifts are there during the date, this needs to be split between both of the girls. Therefore it is right to conclude in total 8 gifts are there then 4 for each girl are available.

Fairy wings:

Fairy wings in the game Huniepop 2 arising on the kick. A player receives one pair of wings when they successfully complete the threesome. To be part of Kyu’s plan and awakening the Nymphojinn from their sleep, 24 pairs are needed.

New questions to ask every time:

There will be no need for a user to go through all those old questions as in the previous version. Every time something new is there which a player can ask the girl.

Additional post-game content:

Additional post-game content is also available with me the experience more common table over the portal. You will be able to see that the additional content will help you to earn up some more rewards and pairs as well. It totally depends on which level you are reaching out to. At every level, it is different, so you need to be sure about the same. 

Cost of hairstyle:

The hairstyles are available, and there is a particular cost of 5, 10 or 15 fruits. Make sure to pay the same to get the best hairstyle as per your choice.

Cost for the outfit:

The cause for the outfit is 10, 20 and then 30 fruits. To unlock all the hairstyles and outfits in total, 270 of each fruit are required. The additional bonus outfits can also be available for users after entering a particular code.

How to install the HuniePop 2 game?

Huniepop 2

You might be getting curious to know how you can install this ultimate game. The steps are very simple to follow. But before it, understand the system requirements.

System requirements:-

  • 4GB available space.
  • Version 10.
  • Compatible graphics card
  • 4 GB RAM.
  • 1.2 GHz processor.
  • Windows 7 minimum


When moving ahead to install this test came the steps are as follows:-

  1. At the very first turn of the antivirus of your system. Chances are there that the antivirus may interfere with downloading processor, so if you don’t want to face this trouble, just disable it for a while.
  2. After disabling the same header towards the Chrome browser or any other installed on your system.
  3. Now you need to search for the HuniePop 2 game.
  4. As soon as you search for it you will find out numerous of links available and from them choose the best one.
  5. After choosing out the preferred downloading link, it will ask for the destination where you wish to save it, just do it immediately.
  6. It will require few minutes to get download just wait for the same duration and the rest depends on the internet speed available.
  7. It will get downloaded in the .zip, .rar or .iso, accordingly right-click on it and click on extract to HuniePop 2.
  8. As soon as you click on it, the folder will get available and run the exe application.
  9. When you run out the exe application, you are all said to be the part of the game but make sure to run it as an administrator so that there will be no crashes and errors throughout the game.
  10. If you are not running it as an administrator then chances of crashes are quite high, and you will not be able to explore all the levels integrated in the game.

Note: chances are there the system may interfere with the installation of the game, it is a suggestion, go through the requirements and check out whether the internet connection is stable or not. These are the major requirements to see.

Some details of the characters of Huniepop 2:

Huniepop 2

Well, it is right to conclude that in total 13 characters are came to know along with all the details. If you are curious to get it, just have a look at the below-mentioned table. The details are as follows:-

NameOccupation Alias 
AbiaNawaziAirport Security Total freak / 
Ashley RosemarryForeign girl   
Brooke Belrose Human Unknown (Age 25)
Candace “Candy” CrushModel Musician / 
Denise “Zoey” GreeneFashion model   
LailaniKealoha Human Unknown (Age 21)
Jessie MayeTrophy Wife Woman in charge / 
KyuSugardustHigh-status woman   
Lillian Aurawell Human Unknown (Age 40)
Lola RembriteStripper Slow learner / 
Nora DelrioExotic dancer   
Polly Bendleson Human Unknown (Age 25)
Sarah “Suki” StevensUnemployed Cyber chick / 
huniepop 2 characters

Some more characters will be revealed soon according to the updates available for the game Huniepop 2. It is integral for a player to be sure about all the aspects and level expectations to be a part of the game seamlessly. If they are avoiding it they cannot get the results they wanted.


Is this game available for free?

Yes, this game is free to download. There will be no need for a user to spend even a single penny to download this ultimate game. They can simply try it out by having an active and stable internet connection.

Is there any age restriction to play this game?

There is no age restriction to play this game. But it is right to say if you are an adult then only look out for playing this game.

What to do if I am not able to download the game?

Chances are there that the system requirement is not fulfilled. Just check out the same and then again look forward to downloading this game.


Overall it is right to conclude that HuniePop 2 is one of the best games to consider, which can deliver an ultimate experience for all of us out there. If you are an adult and looking forward to something really very interesting which can make up your mood and help you to pass your time, then choosing this game can be the choice. If you are facing any trouble in downloading the game, we suggest you turn on the VPN because, in some of the locations, the game is not considered to be a safe option to consider. Therefore after integrating VPN with your system, you will not be going to face any sort of trouble at all. But make sure to choose the reliable VPN option available.

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